T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford HS) named to the North Carolina Shrine Bowl Roster

T.J. Logan is in and he is on the team, for the North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl game coming up in December, down in Spartanburg, South Carolina…Logan is our only Guilford County rep on the team….Logan an RB, not an RV, will be joined by East Forsyth DB, Chris Blair, on the NC squad….

CLICK HERE to see the entire North Carolina roster of who made it and who didn’t make the squad….

Chris Hughes from Carolina Preps.com also has news on the Shrine Bowl Game at his site and he is big supporter of the Shriners…..CLICK HERE to see what he is saying….

More details and the T.J. Logan photo at NCPreps.com when you CLICK HERE….


  1. Kind of strange to see no Marquez North(Mallard Creek), no Conner Mitch(Raleigh Wakefield), no Riley Ferguson(Matthews Butler) and no Uriah LeMay from Butler……

    Glad TJ got in there though…

  2. North,Mitch, and Ferguson all declined invitations to the Shrine bowl. I know one is playing in the U S Army bowl and one in the Under Armour bowl.

  3. I know that they have been skipping the East-West game for a good while, and now the Shrine Bowl too??? The new bowls are starting to become a big draw….I am surprised that they didn’t go after TJ Logan too….I believe that DJ Reader and Brock Stadnik were in one of those bowls, either the Army or the Under Armour last season….Times are changing and the college coaches have a lot of say where these kids will play these days….Shrine, Army, Under Armour, East-West, the market is open…..

  4. Lots of kids don’t bother trying out any more. Most of the kids are picked before they show up. A lot of the kids that do attend tryouts use the results from that to help them in recruiting. many kids that go on to big college opportunities and play just don’t mess with the tryouts. You have to also find out who the coaches are and where they are from. When it gets down to those last couple of spots, they pick who they know.

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