Allen Middle School Vikings looking to change their nickname and mascot

We have had the Allen Middle School Vikings here on the web site in recent weeks, with video and the score from their football matchup, against the Kiser Tigers, at Ben L. Smith High School…

And now Allen Middle wants to change their nickname and they want a new mascot, to go along with it….The problem is we have so many Middle Schools, that each one can not just take on the nickname of the high school that they feed, or in some cases, they just want their own separate identity….

Allen Middle wants to establish a new identity and they are looking for a new nickname….

I for one, did not know what their nickname was, until last week….Didn’t really know much about them at all, but as far as the new nickname goes, why not start with some of the suggestions and maybe your suggestion is, that they need to keep the nickname that have now and stick with the Allen Middle School Vikings……

Why not take time to consider the change to the Allen Crusaders??? Nobody else in the county has that name, plus it looks like Allen Middle is on a crusade to change their name and they also want to change how the public and people in general, perceive them….

They say diversity is the key to Allen these days and why not continue their crusade of change and diversity, by changing their nickname to the Crusaders……

Others might want the Eagles, since Allen is tied in with Smith High School and really when you stop and think about it, the Allen Eagles doesn’t sound all that bad…Plus the Eagle is a sign of freedom and if you want to be diverse and show your diversity, then you may want to be associated with an Eagle, the true sign of freedom…..

Other names could have them looking at the Avalanche…The Allen Avalanche…..The Avengers….Allen Avengers…..The Antelopes….How about the Allen Antelopes???

You may have more and maybe some better ones than these….

The story is hot with numerous comments at the News and Record site…..CLICK HERE to see all and to read all on this one…..

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  1. I would chime in on this but it is hard for me to muster up much response when your mascot is a potentially damaging storm system..

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