Record-breaking show for Football in Focus at the Shane’s Rib Shack:Brown, Robertson, Harrison, Bachelor, Stutts, Millners, Whites, Curtis and ‘Arm Wrestling Challenge’!

Last night(Thursday), had to be one of those record-breaking shows, for our Football in Focus Web TV prgram, from the Shane’s Rib Shack….

We had a lot of things going on at the same and we probably broke a record for doing multiple things, within the same show….

We had the kids from Southern Guilford stop by and they were outstanding….Lawrence Harrison, Dominique Robertson, Keemar Bachelor and Diavante Brown….

We also had our College Football Picks winner Marcelle Millner stop in with his two little daughters, to collect his Dr. Pepper 12-pack…..Regular viewer Robert Stutts stopped in at Shane’s and we got Mr. Millner, his two daughters and Robert all on the camera and they were LIVE on the program along, with Harrison, Robertson, Bachelor and Brown, from Southern….

We had the general manager from Shane’s, Curtis, join us at the big table and we even had an arm wrestling challenge and that was a first for us on the show…..Our record was 1-0-1 in the arm wrestling challenge….

Diavante Brown from Southern is one of the stronger kids that you will meet and he is also the Student Body President, at Southern….The young man also can answer some current events sports trivia history and we had that last night too….

Dennis White and his son Nathan joined us at Shane’s last night, talking football with the reverend and enjoying a meal with young Nathan…..

A busy night and I can tell you, that Diavante Brown kid from Southern, that kid might be going a few places, before it is all said and done…Seems to be on the ball and all of the Southern kids should do fine on Friday nights and they have a real big one tonight, at North Forsyth….Watch for that name, Diavante Brown, coming around in the future……

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