Yellow-jacket security staff coming under heavy criticism at Carolina Panthers’ games inside Bank of America Stadium

The Yellow-jacket security staff, at the Carolina Panthers’ home football games inside Bank of America Stadium down in Charlotte, is coming under heavy criticism and many of the fans can’t get to their seats in time to see the game…..Many are missing the entire first quarter and even though they have been told to get to their seats sooner, the fans feel there is plenty of time to get through the lines, but that the Yellow-jacket security staff that many refer to as the ‘Show Pros’, the fans feel the Yellow-jackets are not doing their job and that they could be doing a much better job of moving the Panthers’ fans through the long lines and that the Yellow-jackets could get the fans into the stadium in time to see all of the game, if the Yellow-jackets would only get to work and do their jobs…..

They had all kinds of problems, at the recent Carolina Panthers-Seattle Seahawks game that kicked off at 4:05pm, at the Bank of America Staduim and here is part of what one fan was telling Scott Fowler, of the Charlotte Observer, about how the situation at the Panthers-Seahawks game was handled by the Yellow-jackets….

“The security to get in the stadium is horrible,” wrote Keith, who did not want his last name published. “It took my wife and I 30 minutes to get through the North Gate at 3:35 p.m. We missed the opening kickoff. This is why the crowd is so late arriving. The staff working the gate acted if they were getting paid by the hour. No sense of urgency at all and in fact I saw three or four yellow-jacket folks standing around talking. I can tell you that I will not go through that again.”

CLICK HERE to read more/all of this from the Charlotte Observer…..

*****The Yellow-jackets are also used to staff games at the Greensboro Coliseum and the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ games at NewBridge Bank Park…..*****


  1. Whineeeee! Sounds like a Tar Heel fans upset because the Student Section is too loud during the games. I have attended a few Panther games and I know to arrive early. You can get autographs, see who’s dressed out and who isn’t. You can check out other seats to see if you want to upgrade next time. My seats have been so far in the clouds, it takes 30 minutes for me to make it from the gate to my seat (with the mandatory concession and bathroom stops). I plan ahead.

  2. The person in this story that only arrived 30 minutes before the game seems a little unreasonable. You cannot expect to get through an 80k person event within 30 minutes from the outside even for events that do not require such heavy security. I would not expect to get into the colesium within 30 minutes before a show that is only a 15-20k attended event (much less an 80k event). I cannot even go to a local restuarant and expect service within 30 minutes of arrival, waiting to be called to the table and order. I would bet this person is one of the big money people that thinks they should be catered to for everything that is money. Unfortunately for them they are not apart of the “really” big money that gets in via the VIP entrance. Considering that I cannot even afford the gas and a hotdog, this person should just shut up and enjoy the fact that they can afford such opportunities.

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