Debate is a non-contact sport, but who won last night’s encounter at Hofstra:Was it Obama or Romney?

That was a toe-to-toe meeting last night up at Hofstra University and they will be hard-pressed to match that type of intensity, when the Hofstra football and basketball teams take to the field and to the court, for their next encounters….

Many are saying that last night’s debate, will go down as the most heated encounter between two Oval Office contenders/rivals, in the history of our nation….

And who won this one? Who had the edge last night??? I’m sure just about everyone saw the fight, I mean debate, and if you didn’t see it while it was all going down last night, you are bound to be hearing about it this morning….

Who got the best of who? They say Romney won Round One, or the first debate, while it looks like Barack Obama came back and after days of strenuous preparation and training, Obama was the winner last night….

Declaring Obama the Winner on this end today and the point where he really got Romney, was when Romney said it took Obama 14 days before he spoke about the murder of our foreign diplomats and Obama said no, “I was on the White House lawn the very next day addressing this situation” and Sandra the moderator said YES, the president did call this a vicious attack the very next day on the White House lawn and they said Obama did not wait, he came right out and addressed this situation and they are still not sure if he called it an attack issue or if it was based on a demonstration…But, it was made clear, that Obama was on this one the very next day, in his public address on the White House lawn…

Lots of issues that they were dealing with last night, in that debate, but it does appear that President Barack Obama came out of there with a slight edge last night….


How do you call it, in what was almost something similar to a 12-round prize fight, there at Hofstra University last night…..


  1. Last night showed that without his note cards that Romney is not very good with quick and knowledgable responses. During the first debate, Obama allowed Romney to get away with flat out lies and statements filled with opinions not backed with clear facts. Obama did a much better job last night of calling Romney out on such statements and restating the facts with knowledgable referrings. More importantly he did not let Romney define him but instead called out Romney on how Romney has voted, lead and carried out similar situations in the past. There was nothing Romney could do to run from himself.

    I see the two candidates as very different types of bosses that I have worked for over the years or demonstrated myself. One will work with to the very end by trying every possible policy, resource and human nature angle to fix an individual employment situation that results in a productive employee and work situation. The other boss is quick to fire the same employee and just deal with the cost on the back while making sure all of the other employees understand that it is simply their way or the highway in all situations. Both directions have their value but the latter often leads to turn over of top produces when new opportunities come or they start their own such businesses as a rival. The first boss will create a loyality unmatched by the 2nd boss and has relationship skills that will carry the organization better in the long term.

    If you only care about your situation and your immediate family, then the 2nd boss that is willing to fire quick may be your best bet. If you carry about the great community and what happens to people that carry across an unexpected situation that needs time to work out, then you will be better off with the first boss. I think the country is at a point that the first boss (ie Obama) is the best candidate for this moment.

  2. It was clear as day that the moderator was on the side of Obama. How do you cut off a candidate mid answer and tell him he’s wrong?…Let the fact checkers after the debate is over make those remarks. You ask the questions and keep the debate going….Don’t add your two cents!

  3. I agree JS!! this was Uberliberal moderator night. Obama got more time and was clearly given an advantage. Obama got smoked so badly in the first debate he would have surely been a moron to come to the second meeting unprepared. Romney is clearly the better leader with more knowledge and experience. Obama has had his time and he probably did the best he could do but it is simply not good enough. We cannot stand another 4 years of this lack of leadership. I’m sure the magic 47% will vote for Obama to keep the gravy train rolling but working folks who are paying for all this need a break.

  4. All I know is the last four year the nations debt has doubled and more people are out of work than before Obama took office. You can blame Bush and point fingers at everyone else all you want but fact is you have had 4 years to fix it with both houses on your side. If you can’t fix it with everyone on your side you sure as heck aint going to fix it with 4 more years! Time for a change!!!!

  5. This is why our country is having the problems that we. We only see one side and we will cut down anyone that disagrees with our point of view. The world is already on edge in many parts of the world and the last thing we need is someone like Romney that cannot go to a sporting event in London without upsetting the national/local government. Romney also has made several statements over the past couple of months about world events without clearly gathering all the necessary information. We don’t need someone in office that will speak out too fast trying to score politicial points over setting the right tone for America here and overseas. It is just like what I have always told my kids – be careful who you run off at the mouth with because eventually someone will call your bluff and punch you in the mouth. Romney will have us back in war before you know it but it will be our sons paying the price for his big mouth moments. The John Wayne style of leadership just does not work in the world any longer.

  6. Yes we need to rush off around the world and kiss everyone’s tail like Obama did. How did that work for use…not too good.

  7. Clearly “Just Sayin”, “Done!” and “Gfan” are on Romney’s side of the fense but I cannot believe the lack of knowledge that is being put out on this site. “Done” said under Obama the debt double – really ??? The debt was 10 trillion when Bush left office but it was a surplus when he entered office. We lost a net 9 million jobs under Bush (about 1 million as part of Obama’s first 8 months which I would attach to him by any means considering the mess he rec’d). We currently can account for nearly 5.5 million net jobs created under Obama thru the September jobs report during his term. And even more importantly, the 47% that Romney seems to want to put aside actually represents closer to 60% of the population in Guilford Co. The key for our country is that everyone must vote and be willing to allow leaders to lead and for all people to succeed. Stop the complete division and support the leader in charge until you can run again. Just vote and support the country first !

  8. Boss 1 or 2 since Obama allowed Romney to get away with lies, you make us proud call Romney out with the lies and facts to back them up. Boss 1 or 2 don’t you let him get away with it. Waiting for the list of lies with facts.

    Shut your mouth: your turn “Romney will have us back in war”. The last time I checked and heard on the news troops are still over seas and dying, I do not know what your definition of war is, but it sounds like we are still there, unless you think the troops are just on some kind of vacation.

    Just Vote: On Septemeber the 27th 2000, President Bill Clinton stated the national debt was 5.7 trillion, I don’t know what your definition of a surplus is but my advice would be look in Websters Dictionary! If you can do the math that is the same year we elected as President George Bush as the 43rd President. If 60% of the people in Guilford Co. are getting some kind of government help based on your numbers makes you proud GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

    Quit drinking the KOOL AID and get over it!!

  9. Last four years; 43 months with unemployment above 8 percent almost 10 percent in NC!!! 23 million americans struggling to find jobs!!!! 3.5 milllon more women living in poverty today than when obama took office!!!! 5 trillion in deficts in less than 4 years thats math that doesnt add UP!!!!! obama said he would cut deficit in half or be a one term president thank GOD for Nov. 6!!!!!!!!!!! 50 percent of college kids graduating cant find a job!!!!! 47 million americans on food stamps was 32 million when obama took office!!!!!! middle class income down 4,300 per family since obama took office!!!!! gas in Greensboro NC wich is in Guilford Co.was $1.80 per gallon when obama took office!!!!! do you really want me to state the average price now in guilford co. Average women working under obama makes 18 % less than men do!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me know if you understand and want more facts

  10. Just about forgot the topic Romney won both debates hands down not even close with tag team of the rope Candy helping obama. Not whinning just think its funny that she likes the same KOOL-AID yall do. Good night

  11. It is interesting to see “regular” people walking around with the same republican talking points that the nuts on the radio such as Rush and Beck carry in their pockets everywhere they go. Was Rush in town today for a special meeting of likely republican voters? When you lose nearly 9 million jobs over a 5 year period (4.5 yrs under Bush) the unemployment will be over 8%. NC’s 10% should not surprise you since the US has been losing manufacturing jobs by the millions for 20 plus years. The fact that 3.5M more women live in poverty today is not surprising but is more of an economic problem than an Obama related issue. When you consider the number of women having babies outside of marriage and the near 50% divorce rate, then it should be no surprise when the number of woman living in poverty has sky rocketed during tough times. Two incomes make a difference for a reason. So Obama did not change it all in 4 years but consider the fact that the republican leadership had several news conferences advising that they would do all that they could to not work with this president and to get him out of office. They were clearly putting their politics and personal views above the needs of the country. 50% of college kids cannot find a job – that does not say much. I could not find “a good job” after graduating behind the first Bush either within my first year. Why hire a college grad when I can hire someone with 10 plus years experience today. You said 47M on food stamps up from 32M with Obama. I would expect such increases in such a huge recession. What would worry me more is Romney’s view about 47% of the voters in this country that he said he would not worry about. That 47% would represent nearly 43% of all households or roughly 155 million people in this country that may oppose his views. My health ins has gone up 8-12% per year for nearly 12 years being self employed. I went from $630 ten years ago to over $1400 today even though my entire family has had great health. How many people in this area can continue to pay over $1400 per month to cover their family? Family income down $4300 with Obama. The world ecomonics is driving down wages and your guy Romney will only make this worse with his “BainCapital” view of the world. Romney’s work life says why pay someone in America $60k when it can be done in India or China (even with excess taxes) for only $25k. Let’s see how much wage pressure is put on your job with Romney at the top. Gas was $1.80 per gallon before Obama. As the world went into a recession, gas prices dropped due to the lack of demand. With demand up, prices are sky rocketing. Gas prices are set on a world level not national level. America only produces 2% of the world’s oil today. Even if we tripled our oil output, we would only represent 6% of the world output which is a drop in the bucket. Women making 18% less than men under Obama. Please get your house in order – republican talking points – one of the first bills that Obama signed was an equal pay for work bill that allows woman to finally have a legal leg to stand on going forward. Romney completely avoided this very question during the debate on Tuesday night. You said that Romney won both debates hands down…not even close. Obviously, a rep will see it one way and a dem will see it another and a mod/ind will stay in the middle. The bottomline is that people should first work from the facts and not just what you want to believe. Facts without understanding are just bits of information to lead or mislead us all. We may not agree on much but I believe we all can agree that voting is not only a GOD given right but something that we must participate in this year. Vote in November and support whoever wins the presidency.

  12. Talking points:I see you listen to Rush also to know what he says. Glad to see you or obama cant state the correct factual numbers if they are wrong.Maybe its because they are higher?You sure did expect terrible times with obama to be drinking the kool-aid again. Funny its always someone elses fault. I guess you need 4 more years to blame Pres. Bush how about 8 more?About the 47% if thats all you got Romney/Ryan2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get back with those correct Facts

  13. Talking Points: About supporting the president,where was the Dems. for 8years with Pres. Bush? It sounds like you want free health care,who do you want to pay for that Big Bird? how can the demand for gas be high with all these electric cars? Forgot you cant give them away.Get back with those facts before Nov.6 i might change my mind.

  14. Talking points; Republicans wanted obama’s policies to fail. This is where most people are wrong obama has not failed he wants more americans needing the goverment. If not for the 2010 election we would look like Greece. Come on Nov.6 and put obama back in the privite sector!!!!!!!!

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