Best to get both sides of the story and here is what Shakeel Rashad is saying about the contact with Conner Vernon of Duke

We showed you the video and now here is Shakeel Rashad’s side of the story, in what the North Carolina Tar Heel is saying was an instance where he just innocently bumped into or ran into Conner Vernon of Duke….Vernon had to be helped off of the field, based on what I was seeing on that video…..

Shakeel Rashad:
“I want to apologize to Duke’s Conner Vernon for running into him during Saturday’s game,” Rashad said in a statement. “I was in a hurry to get on the field and focused on where I was going. I have been playing football for most of my life and I have never been involved in that type of incident. I did not mean to run into him and I’m glad he was not hurt. He’s a great receiver and I wish him the best.”

UNC head coach Larry Fedora defended Rashad:

“Shakeel is a really good kid who would never intentionally attempt to injure another player,” Fedora said. “Obviously, it was an unusual play, but knowing the type of young man that Shakeel is, I know he did not intentionally make contact with Conner.”

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*****Still looks like a Cheap Shot to me and do you think Conner Vernon was faking….*****


  1. That was a dive worthy of any of the best soccer divers. I mean Vernon was rolling around all over the place like he had been shot. And no he didn’t have to be helped off the field – he walked off under his own power and didn’t seem to be in much pain by the time he got half way across the field. And after sitting out a couple plays he was tearing it up and and down the field like nothing had happened.

    Now – was the hot intentional? Maybe. But I tend to lean more towards it was a stupid, bone headed play by a freshman who’s head wasn’t in the game. And if it was intentional he meant to just barely run into him – and no way did he hit Vernon hard enough to create that reaction.

    Either way – stupid play – should have been a penalty and the refs who watched it and called nothing deserved the punishment they got

  2. Coach Cuttcliffe was very upset and he just won the game….He was quite mad over what happened here…..

  3. Rashad should have been flagged on the field for sure. I dont think it was on purpose. What would be the point? The dookie looks just plain silly rolling around on the ground. No way he was the hurt, wlaked off under his own power and then returned just 2 play later. C’mon man! He may have drawn a flag in the NBA! One game suspension seems over the top but what else could the ACC do. Something had to be done. I agree the refs deserved what they got as well. I dont see how they didnt see the collision and SOMETHING should have been called.

    Entertaining game though.

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