North Carolina football player could be working on art degree:Cheap Shot artist lays out Duke’s Conner Vernon now he’s suspended

You’ll have to make the call, but it looks like a cheap shot to me and the ACC is thinking and saying the same thing….UNC’s Shakeel Rashad has been suspended one game for his shot to head/body of Duke’s Conner Vernon during Saturday night’s game in Durham….

Two officials from that game have been suspended too by the league office, of the Atlantic Coast Conference and you might as well go ahead and CLICK HERE and see what you think….

Rashad looks very sneaky in his actions and takes Vernon down in a very cheap and crooked way….Check it out from YAHOO! Sports


  1. The Heels are still playing thugball now under their 3rd different head coach.

  2. Should N.C. State be on the lookout for something like this on Saturday???

    Just curious and what time is the State at Carolina game?

  3. Certainly the “flagship” university of north carolina would not involve themselves in something so underhanded. UNC has now become the joke of the ACC. How much lower can this flagship sink in integrity?

  4. The Dookie must be getting his degree in Theater Arts.

    If the ACC seriously thought the UNC player lowered his shoulder and purposely whacked the Duke player from behind in a deadball situation he would have received more than one game. I honestly think had the refs thrown a flag at the time if the play the UNC player may not have been suspended at all. But who knows. Vernon looks plain silly rolling around on the ground. If you guys think that was real… well… never mind.

  5. I didn’t catch that link, but on Tom O’Brien, he stands at (5-0) vs. North Carolina and if he keeps on winning that game and a few more every year, I don’t see how they can ever let him go….This is the biggest week of the year, for the boys over in Raleigh…Big week last week for the Heels, but this one coming up with N.C. State on Saturday is not just big for UNC, it is huge….Larry Fedora is very confident and he talks a good game and going in he will say some things, I’m sure, that will get the heat up in this rivalry like never before…The heat is coming and I like Fedora, cause that guy can talk and I just want him to say or do something that will take this game over the top…He makes for a good opponent, because he doesn’t come into this meeting, just quietly passing through….He is ready for battle, and better get ready for a beating, cause that is the only thing TOB will accept from his men, nothing more, nothing less….The Wolfpack under Tom O’Brien, has to put a beatdown on North Carolina….

  6. You have to be asking your men…..I know you are physically ready, but are you emotionally ready?

  7. It don’t matter. We’re going to ride those guys from Chapel Hill College like a rented mule on Saturdee. State College 28 and Chapel Hill College 0!

  8. I think Mick might have hit on something here with what he’s saying and all I’ve got to say about that is ‘Ride On’……FFA all the way….

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