Did Shakeel Rashad knock down the Duke player or did Conner Vernon just take a fall on his own?

You have had time to see the video now and what do you say??? Did North Carolina’s Shakeel Rashad knock down Conner Vernon of Duke, as Rashad was checking into the game, or did Vernon take a fall on his own??? Rashad has been suspended one game for his actions by the ACC, so they must have thought there was something to it….

But what do all of you say?

And what do you say about the cut block by the Duke player on the UNC Tar Heel player and there was no call or no action taken on this play…The block continues and the Duke player finally cuts down the UNC player and they say the UNC player Tim Jackson, will be out of action with a knee injury for two-three weeks…

What do you say about that one and CLICK HERE to see the play…..

Here is one more look at the Shakeel Rashad-Conner Vernon play if you need to see that one, one more time before you render your decision….CLICK HERE…..


  1. I was at the game and at full speed it did look like he did not mean to run into him. Its easy to say he seemed to do it on purpose (lowered his shoulder) when you slow it down. I think if anything he should have been flagged for a penalty. Reason being, how many calls do not get called during a game and player, and refs for this matter, do not get suspended. What was just as sad is how Conner Vernon rolled around on the ground like Shakeel Rashad broke his neck, jogged off the field, and then played full speed the rest of the game. That is not football. We can all speculate if he did it on purpose or not, but I believe a 1 game suspension was way out of line.

  2. The league reviewed and they saw down goes the Duke player and the Carolina player knocked him down. Carolina couldn’t win so they tried to hurt somebody on Duke. Duke man did not know he was coming at him really he just got knocked down and the Carolina guy never went to check on the Duke guy to see if he was all right. Carolina guy just ran out to his position and acted like nothing had happened.

  3. All I know is that we are going to ride those boys from Chapel College like a rented mule on Saturday.N.C. State 29 and Chapel College 0!!!!!

  4. Sammy and Bruce,

    Just ABC BS. Did I miss your respective comments on the cut block that actually did injure somebody? BTW no flag and no suspension. A long time illegal action that resulted in a real injury but no comment from you guys. Hmmmmmm Seems odd. I know it must be here somewhere. Maybe the UNC DL should have rolled around on the ground like a soccer geek. Oh, he probably couldnt because he really was hurt.

    Carolian couldnt win? Did you even watch the freakin game. The score was 13 – 6 with 10 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter! This aint Pack Pride. At least show some sense of reality when you comment.

  5. Fair enough. The cut block was illegal and the referee should have penalized Duke 15 yards. Something like that happens in most games.

    What Shakel Rashad did, not so much…

    It does seem like Carolina now has an institution-wide problem with taking responsibility for its actions. I don’t think Dean Smith would ever have pulled on Bill Friday what Roy Williams did on his chancellor last week.

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