State High School Football Playoff Projections

I’m sure we will see a lot of these playoff predictions between now and Saturday, but are a few to look at, as we head toward that magical day when the NCHSAA releases the pairings….

These are coming in from James Alverson with the HS OT at….

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  1. If HP Central does beat Ragsdale on Friday, the Bison could go into the playoffs with a record of (9-1)…They can drop one of the losses from their 11 games total and that would be the Grimsley game since it was non-conference and that would make HP Central (9-1) going in…If HPC beats RHS, then they would end up at #2 in the PTA 4-A and they get a pretty good seed in the playoffs….

    We shall see and the big game before Friday in Jamestown, will be Jamestown Middle vs. Southwest Guilford Middle on Wednesday at Miller Stadium on the Ragsdale campus….

  2. Do you honestly think Page will be placed in a East bracket? If so, when is the last time that has happened?

  3. There is no reason why cardinal gibbons should be number 1 seed over the reining state 3aa champion. Especially if there records are identical. I think the person is bias towards Charlotte area teams. They all think they play the best football in that area but we showed them last year by having the 4aa and 3aa champion right here in the triad. That seeding is rediculous!

  4. When it comes to the Playoffs if two or more teams have the same record the NCHSAA draws from a hat to see who gets the lower seed. It doesn’t matter if one team has won 20 State championships in a row. Northern could easily be a one two or even a three all depends on how many teams are 10-0 and who wins the luck of the draw. Take a look at the 4AA and how many could finish 10-0 and should have a 1 seed

    Butler- 10-0 (west)
    East Forsyth 10-0 (west)
    Richmond 10-0 (west)
    South Caldwell 10-0 (west)
    Garner 10-0 (east)
    Middle Creek 10-0 (east)

  5. Most years Northern Guilford has been in the East, but they did have that one year when they were in the West and they lost to Anson County, in I think it was, Round 2 of the playoffs…

    Lots of years Dudley has been in the East, especially back in the 3-AA years and Southeast Guilford almost always seems to go to the East…Will be interesting to see come Saturday morning and a Round One 4-AA game with NWG at Page would be off the hook again, like it was last year……

    Northern has had Cardianl Gibbons number every year when they have been placed together in the East…..

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