High School Average Daily Memberships(ADM’s) are in

The Average Daily Memberships that the NCHSAA uses for the high school football playoffs are in and here are the ADM’s and to see the full list of all of the teams in the state, CLICK HERE…Just scroll down the 2012 Football Page to the 2012 Average Daily Membership Numbers for the NCHSAA Schools and hit that link…

Here are the Average Daily Memberships(Enrollments) for the Guilford County Schools:

(Largest school in the state is Raleigh Enloe with 2,912 students.)

Northwest Guilford(2,057)
High Point Central(1,641)
Southwest Guilford(1,576)
Ben L. Smith(1,521)
Southeast Guilford(1,518)
Western Guilford(1,356)
*****That concludes the Guilford County 4-A schools and as you can see, it is getting close with NWG and Page, for the top enrollment in the GCS System.*****

Northern Guilford(1,425)
Eastern Guilford(1,295)
Southern Guilford(1,231)
Northeast Guilford(1,148)

High Point Andrews(879)


  1. Looking at the numbers it looks like Northern and Western should flip flop for the playoffs. LOL
    Gotta hand it to Andrews with just 1 loss and only 879 kids.

  2. Andrews is the 2dn largest school in their conference to Randelman at 929. They have twice the students of Atkins. That said, they have beat some of the larger schools out of conference.

  3. Andrews also beat two 4-A schools Southwest with 1576 students and Smith with 1521 Students. They also beat Oxford Webb which is a 3-A school.

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