High Point Christian Academy ‘Big Man’ Chuck Ogbodo headed to UNCW for hoops

High Point Christian big man Chuck Ogbodo has committed to Buzz Peterson and the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks.

Ogbodo averaged 6 points 10 rebounds and 2 blocks per game last year for the 30-2 Cougars. He is coming off an outstanding summer campaign that netted him interest from a variety of schools.

“Chuck has a very bright future ahead of him. he has made huge leaps in his game and I expect him to have an outstanding senior season. He has done what he has needed to a far as getting his body ready for college and we will benefit from that this season. His recruitment was all over the map. He had offers from the SEC, Big East, and the A-10 conferences along with a ton of mid-major schools. There were a few ACC schools that got involved late, but Chuck was comfortable in his decision. He said from day one that his objective in finding a school was not conference affiliation, but rather finding the right place for him. He found that with UNCW.”-HPCA coach Brandon Clifford

Ogbodo becomes the 4th NCAA Division I commit this fall for High Point Christian and will team alongside Appalachian State commit Mike Kobani to form one of the bigger front lines in the country. High Point Christian opens up their season November 13th at national power Oak Hill Academy.


  1. If Chuck had offers from the Big East, SEC, A10 he wouldn’t have gone to UNC Wilmington. UNCW can’t go to the tournament this year because of being penalized for grades. The guy couldn’t even start for a CP3 team that everyone knew had no bigs.

    Please tell me specific schools that he was offered.

  2. DePaul, Texas A&M, St. Louis. Big East, SEC, and A10. Wake and Clemson both wanted to get involved late but wanted him to hold off on his decision. You can read that a lot of places. Starting on an AAU team doesn’t mean crap. He’s 6’10”, athletic, and defends. Most AAU coaches don’t notice the last part. Colleges do. He’s gotten a lot bigger and stronger as well. Ironically his coach went to UNCW with high major offers too. No reason for this nonsense belittling a kids college decision

  3. UNCW was 10-21 last year. I would believe your comment if he chose a VCU over these other schools.
    His coach went to UNCW along with a couple of other schools during his college years. So that isn’t the reason he chose UNCW.

  4. Congrats to Chuck, he is a great kid and athlete. I have watch him improve so much as time go by, I think UNCW is a great fit for him. It does not matter he did not go to the bigger conferences to play basketball. For example the bigger name does not mean the bigger players all of the time thats why mid-major school beat these schools all the time like Wake Forest, UNC, Duke are some of the few that have fallen victims in recent years. Also I watch CP3 allstars AAU teams in recent years to, they are guard and small forward oriented team. The bigs are there to just rebound and defend. They pressure the ball and run and gun thats their game so thus that why they play 10 or 11 kids. So no one on that team have great numbers compared to kids that play on other teams where 5 to 7 kids are the focal point of the team. Alot of people and kids get caught of in the hype especially on people opinion at these various camps that people pay to send their kids to, do you think you always get true evaluation or just getting told what a kid or parent wants to hear. No matter where you go and play the rim is 10 ft and you must perform. For example thats why guys in the NBA are from various playing background. (overseas, mid majors, big div. one, NAIA, divison two and three.

    Once again Congrats Chuck and keep striving!!

  5. Congrats to Chuck


    No one is choosing to go to a school that is on probation if they really have high major offers.

  6. Ok folks. UNCW was just cleared to play in tournament play next year. This year doesn’t effect Chuck. I haven’t heard anything about him going there because his coach just it was ironic that he did. Typically schools don’t bring kids in on officials without an offer and Chuck went to Texas A&M on an official and apparently cancelled some others to some of the aforementioned schools. Accusing someone of lying about his offers, especially considering the quotes from his coach is ridiculous. Seeing someone pick a school because of the opportunity is refreshing. There are tons of transfers every year because kids pick schools for the wrong reasons. This kid has seemed to do it for the right reasons and folks have to belittle it. As a Seahawks fan that came here after searching for info about our new commit it is easy to see that some apparent hs rivals have their panties in a bunch because someone from their rival has some good things happen for them. Meanwhile we will be happy to take a kid who many have said is a “steal” for our little ole CAA school down at the beach.

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