High School Football Tonight with Round One of the NCHSAA Playoffs

We will have our crew at Northern Guilford tonight, for the Round One matchup with the Asheboro Blue Comets vs. the NG Nighthawks…We will be on AM950 and on 97.7FM inside the stadium, plus www.wpetam950.com…..We look to have all your scores from the other games and if you have any we don’t have, you can text those to 442-6129 or send them to Don Moore at dubbadon@gmail.com or hit us with them directly in the comment box, here at GreensboroSports.com….Our radio air time from Northern will 6:45pm and the kickoff comes at 7:30…Again, we hope to have all of the scores and a few more things for you this evening…Dennis White with us at NG and Don Moore here at the site, tonight….

Here is your lineup coming your way for this evening and a look back at last night in High Point, at Simeon Stadium…..

from Thursday night it was High Point Andrews 28, Piedmont 14….(NCHSAA 2-AA)

Tonight we have:

Northeast Guilford(7-3) at West Rowan(8-2)….Gonna be a tough road trip for NEG…West Rowan has won at least two State Titles in the last three years….A boatload of playoff tradition in Rowan County…

Asheboro(4-6) at Northern Guilford(10-0)…..Nighthawks should get off to a real solid start tonight…..Maybe they can rest T.J. Logan late…..
Westover(4-6) at Southern Guilford(9-1)…Got to get off of that First Round schnide…Storm must value the home field advantage and use it to their advantage….

Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(8-2)…Falcons facing real tough, strong and fast Khris Francis from the Hillside Hornets….

Western Guilford(4-6) at North Davidson(10-0)….Hornets in a bit of a hole early, traveling to face an (10-0) team on opening night of the playoffs, that’s tough….
Ragsdale(7-3) at Davie County(8-2)….Been hearing a lot about that young RB and the young QB for DC this season and let’s see what they are made of tonight…RHS has plenty of veterans and they must step up and lead this evening….
Mount Tabor(5-5) at High Point Central(9-1)…Bison have a mean bite to go along with their Bison Bite and tonight they must execute both of them and the back who took over for John Ervin last week, the Logan kid, he might get a shot to shoot for 100 in this one and Justin Johnson ought to be focusing on passing for at least 200…
WS Reagan(8-2) at Dudley(6-4)…Reagan coming from a strong conference and they will give Dudley at real test….Dudley must seek help from more than just RH3 in this one…Others must be ready to contribute on offense…You know Reagan will have their keys and reads set for RH3….

Northwest Guilford(7-3) at Charlotte Independence(9-1)….Independence has that rich football tradition that goes back to C.J. Leak, Chris Leak, Joe Cox and more and this will not be an easy place to play for NWG as they head to Charlotte, but the Vikings have a very good shot to win this ball game…
Rocky River(7-3) at Page(6-4)….The Page show really comes down to Jutin Neal and Tevin Morrison and how hot their hands are tonight…Jordan Putnam, the Pirates’ QB, will find a way to get them the ball, it is just a matter of what they do, when it comes their way…Hang on and score, or be stopped short of their goal??? Needless to say, there’s a lot riding on these games tonight….

High Point Christian Academy(5-5) at Harrell’s Academy(8-2)…First playoff game ever for the Cougars and do they have the feeling? Got to have it, if they want to move on past Round One…..Quentin Chavis will called on, to do things he has never done before……Test time tonight….

West Rowan
Durham Hillside
North Davidson
Davie County
High Point Central
Charlotte Independence
Harrell’s Academy