High School Football Top Ten Poll as we roll into the playoffs

*****Not much movement in the poll this week, buth there has been some, with some teams playing better than others at this time of year….*****

1)Northern Guilford(10-0)
2)Southern Guilford(9-1)
3)High Point Central(9-2)
4)High Point Andrews(10-1)
5)Northwest Guiford(7-3)
9)Northeast Guilford(7-3)
10)Southeast Guilford(6-4)


  1. Im sorry, but andrews cant beat any team on that list! I know u have to list them b/c of their record, but lets be real!
    they might go 1-8 vs that list… im just being honest.

  2. You have to take into consideration how the teams are playing at this stage of the season….SEG great start, but has not been a smooth finish….NEG found a way to survive and finished just a bit above SEG in this current poll…I can tell you this, if SEG wants to make a move and see a big jump, win tonight at Durham Hillside….If SEG beats the Hornets the Falcons will leapfrog several teams….

    Time to jump….HPA has been playing well and they got a jump this week….

  3. Andy, come on buddy… look at strength of schedule! enough said. YOU have to take into consideration 1) SE crushed NE. 2) SE played a tougher non conf schedule. 3) SE played in a much tougher conference. 4) You are talking about a 7-3 team vs. a 6-4 team… I would understand if NE was 8-2 or SE was 5-5!!

    Maxpreps power ratings
    SE 18.9
    NE 17.8

    and SE crushed NE heads u, give me a break!!

  4. Glad to see Page number 6 from where they started not even on the list. think they will finish much higher once the payoffs are over. this team looks nothing like the one that started the season.

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