High School Basketball Tonight

Boys action has a real BIG ONE with the High Point Chritian Academy Cougars at Oak Hill and Westchester is at Wesleyan…Thought GDS boys were playing, and they are, see below and there is important girl’s scrimmage at Page, plus the Lady Bengals of GDS are in action….Eastern Guilford boys at Western Guilford scrimmage 6pm….

Girls hoops has Southern Guilford at Page for a Pirates-Storm scrimmage and this one was originally set for Southern, but has since been moved to Page with a start time of 6pm….Many top players on display with Paris Kea, Chelsey Coleman, Debrisha Barnes, Hannah Pegram and Kayla Johnson all back for Page and we will see the new team that Coach William Whitaker has ready for the SG Storm fans….Danielle Duncan(Greensboro College/Ragsdale) new assistant coach for Debbie Jones and Page….

Boys with HPCA on the road at Oak Hill and the Cougars have Jackson Kent, Diante Baldwin, Chuck Ogbodo, Michael Kobani, Stevie Williams, Alvah Phillip, Rick Mack, Isiah Gill, Joey McLean and more….HPCA Cougars could give Oak Hill a good test/run for their money….A lock that former Page Pirate coach Robert Kent will be in the house tonight at Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, home of the Oak Hill Warriors…7pm at MOW(Mouth of Wilson)

Westchester at Wesleyan and WCD has fallen off quite a bit from back when they Deuce Bello, Quincey Miller, Josh Level and company and now WCD has Josh Burton and he will need help in a hurry against the likes of Theo Pinson, Jaquel Richmond, Tre Chapman, Harry Giles, Young Buckland and other Trojans…..

Greensboro Day boys home at 6:15 vs. Christian Faith of Creedmoor

Greensboro Day girls at Saint Mary’s 5:30pm…Ronata Rogers and Tamara Thorpe will lead the Lady Bengals into action…


  1. Greensboro Day boys play at home tonight at 615 following the JV Boys game against a very, very good Christian Faith team out of Creedmoor.

  2. Christian Faith has that little point guard out of California that transferred in there last year….At one time he was the top-rated 8th grader in the nation and his name looked a little bit like Sulliman from Duke, maybe…(Damon Harge Jr. and somebody got it and thanks.)

  3. I am excited about seeing this kid play tonight. I have heard a lot about him every since his family moved to Raleigh. I have heard AAU coaches talk about this kid in amazement over the past year. I would not want to be the guy having to guard the point guard tonight. GDS does not really play a zone so it will be interesting to see if any of the GDS guards can handle this kid. Lawn Drive will be Showtime tonight.

  4. If the GDS – Christian Faith game is ‘showtime’, what would you consider the HPCA – Oak Hill game?

    Arguably the best 3A team in the state last year (yes, I realize GDS did beat them in the semis), that lost one very good player (Obacha), replaced him with a very good player (Kobani), and everyone else is a year older and better….against the best team in the country last year (who admittedly lost everyone, but has re-loaded). THAT will be a ball game.

    Not saying GCS-Christian Faith won’t be interesting, but surely think that ball game is playing 2nd fiddle to HPCA – Oak Hill.

  5. @ Eagle Dad….

    The basics of “show time tonight’s” post is revolved around a- the fact that Damon Harge is the most hyped up player on the east coast and b- the fact that it is being played locally. The HP Christian vs Oak Hill game is a huge game and it will be interesting to see what happens.

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