Sure wanted to see the Detroit Lions win today, but the Houston Texans take it in OT:The Lions have lost again on Thanksgiving Day

Houston Texans 34
Detroit Lions 31

Do hate to see the Texans prevail over the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and really wanted to see Detroit win one of those ‘Turkey Day’ games…They were at home in Detroit, but the Lions never seem to be able to get the win on the 4th Thursday in November, in front of their home fans…They’ve been playing this game since 1934 and one thing is for sure, I bet you the Lions have lost way many more than they have won over the years…..

It was looking pretty good for Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Mr. Suh and the Lions all the way deep into the 3rd quarter and at one time, the Lions were up 24-14…..

From I was reading at Detroit coach Jim Schwartz made a major snafu on a mid-field challenge and it cost his team a chance for the win in regulation…

One sad thing is certain, ‘the Lions have lost again on Thanksgiving Day’…..