Three things Northern Guilford needs to do to win that game on Friday night:Jeff Mills link from N&R now available

Jeff Mills link now available and up on the front page at the News and Record…
CLICK HERE for the Jeff Mills post on Northern Guilford and their top back, T.J. Logan….

It takes a whole lot more than just three things to win a football game, but here are three that can running through my mind today and you never know, maybe these are the three keys to Friday night’s Northern Guilford game, at home vs. Wilson Hunt in Round Four of the playoffs…

Wanted to give you the Jeff Mills link from today’s News and Record, but it was not available this afternoon…Haven’t had a chance to read or see that by Jeff yet, but will try and check it out on Friday….(Hard to catch a read on the news stands these days.)

Game at 7:30 tomorrow night at Northern and here are those 3 keys that I came up with today….

I’ll start on defense….
1)When you go in for the low tackle, wrap the runner up and wrap him up completely…..You have to wrap guys like Josh Joyner up and give your help time to get there and they should be there fairly quickly….

2)Get to the tall rangey QB for Hunt, Daniel Westbrooks….At 6’9 he looks to be a real threat, sort of like 6’6 Mike Glennon at N.C. State and there was a guy a few years back and he was Mark McGwire’s brother I think it was, and his name was maybe Dan McGwire and he was a 6’9 college quarterback….Got to get to Westbrooks and take him down by those legs, very long and lean…..

3)Get the ball into T.J. Logan’s hands as many times and in as many different ways as possible and Northern has been doing this all year and this should not be anything new, but you have to keep doing it and go to the well, where you have been getting your water….

Just three and we’ll see if we need to add on some more on Friday night, and we will have a few more, coming from our associate Dennis White, on Friday night….