POLL: Final Score – Northern Guilford vs Charlotte Catholic

Tonight at CiCi’s we decided that Northern Guilford was going to win. Basically, their “guy” is just a junior and his time will come next year. So what we couldn’t decide was the final score.

Northern’s Defense is pretty good and has been stopping everybody. Same could be said against Charlotte; but we don’t think they have seen the same level of play.

Fans from both teams have weighed in; but all the smack talk means nothing because it all depends on the 22 guys on the field on Saturday. It will depend on how well their Coaches have prepared their teams.

Take a vote on the poll (bottom right column). Let the players do the talking with their play on the field. Don’t forget that this is just a game and regardless of who wins, these players and those they have beaten to get where they are today are still just high school student athletes. They have all given their best and we should applaud them for their efforts to entertain us.