Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for 12/5/12:Southeast Guilford Girls(5-0), Dudley and Northern Guilford girls(4-0)

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Boys Finals:
Northwest Guilford 65
Lexington 58

Eastern Guilford 65
Southeast Guilford 59

Leading Eastern in scoring was Quaysin Williams with 14 points….Charles Beard added 12 and Terrell Pickett and Tre McLean chipped in 10 each. Leading Southeast was Diandre Overton with 17……
*****All EG-SEG numbers courtesy of Danny Robinson…..*****

East Davidson 71
Southern Guilford 52

Mount Tabor 95
Grimsley 41

*****Unreal hands, footwork and overall quick defense by Mount Tabor tonight….No pass was safe, they were there to steal them all and they nearly did steal them all…Those Spartans let no ball get into the lane untouched….There was a hand on every Whirlie pass….Not all that many unforced turnovers, MT just put together one heck of an effort in this game….You were better off shooting threes and hoping that they would go down and Luke Bouknight did a good job of getting his shot to go from behind the arc, for the Grimsley boys…He hit three straight from beyond the line at one stage of the second half and Luke got it going from three-point land….Luke Mulvey also warmed up late and finished strong for the Whirlies as did the younger brother of David Dupont and another sophomore, John Puryear found some success against the Spartan defense early in the contest, but unfortunately, it was hard to find space against that Mount Tabor defense ,when they turned up the heat and they kept that heat turned up almost all night long, even their backuups were knocking down shots and knocking away errant passes…..There is a little bit of a defensive summary on the ultra-tough Mount Tabor Spartans for you…They took us all to school tonight, lesson learned and learned the hard way….*****

Dudley 48
WS Reynolds 39

Dudley now (4-0) to start the season…

from Tuesday night:
Northern Guilford 76
Northeast Guilford 18

Northern Guilford girls (4-0) to begin the year…

Lexington 44
Northwest Guilford 33

East Davidson 77
Southern Guilford 38

Southeast Guilford 56
Eastern Guilford 39

SEG Falcons ladies are (5-0)
Falcon Scorers:Kenya Hailey 18, Kayla Upshaw 17, Kara Shutt 15, Leslie Britt 2 and Kayla Phifer 2…..

Mount Tabor 80
Grimsley 26

Boys Grimsley-Mount Tabor numbers:Mount Tabor scoring…Robertson 22, Lynch 16, Madison 14, Long 12, Bitters 10, Piazzak 7, Bush 6, McCorkle 3, Boww 2, Brown 2….

Grimsley scoring…Luke Bouknight 11, Luke Mulvey 8, Dupont 6, John Puryear 5, Diquan Purvis 2, Drummond 2, Cory Jennette 1, Amino 1…..
(Numbers courtesy of the Grimsley Whirlies’ scorebook.)