North Carolina Tar Heels will not address rumors of coach Larry Fedora going to Tennessee

UNC football coach Larry Fedora to Tennessee?

Don’t ask me….

Ask UNC AD, BC(Bubba Cunningham)….

No don’t ask Cunningham, he’s not saying a thing about this thing….

Will Larry Fedora load up and take off for the Tennessee Volunteers?

Your guess is as good as anyone else on this one….But you have to get this one thing straight….Fedora is like a traveling evangelist…He can take the word and spread the word and this coach can talk right up there with the best of them and the ‘best’ evangelists in the buiness today, are looking for the ‘best’ offering in the business today….Fedora reminds me just a bit of evangelist Joel Osteen….

Look at and listen to Larry Fedora closely and tell me you don’t see the same thing that I’m seeing and hearing….

You have to see those Joel Osteen similarities and that’s not all a bad thing, it can be a good thing, when you are on the football(evangelistic) circuit…..

Early on Coach Fedora reminds me of true evangelist and new N.C. State coach Dave Doeren reminds me of the church youth group leader…..

Both have good qualities and now we know that Fedora can coach in the ACC, but will he soon be in the SEC? Doeren has proven himself in the MAC, but can he hang with the ‘PACK’ in the ACC…Don’t ask me, it is way too soon to tell…..

As for the short term for Larry Fedora, Chapel Hill….The cat can coach the ‘high octane’ offense…..

As for the long term for Larry Fedora??? He’s not going to be around this league for long…..

Big difference in preaching in front of 55,000 and preaching in front of 100,000….The rewards(offerings) will be much greater in the bigger conferences….

*****Let’s keep the ‘Voice of the ECU Pirates, Jeff Charles, in our prayers….He was diagnosed with rectal prostrate cancer today….*****

CLICK HERE to get the full account on Bubba Cunningham, Larry Fedora, the ACC, UNC, Tennessee and the SEC…..

6 thoughts on “North Carolina Tar Heels will not address rumors of coach Larry Fedora going to Tennessee

  1. USC as in South Carolina or Southern Cal??? At one time Ohio State was a major consideration for TJ Logan and you would think with Urban Meyer there now, they would be set to make another push for TJ….

    That Southern Cal is a long way from home….

  2. The other USC. The other Carolina. U SCar. I just think that Spurrier will make a push given TJ Championship performance, Lattimore’s injury and UNCch’s problems.

    I really don’t see Fedora leaving though.

  3. TJ, you are right he will not be around in this league long because this league will not be around long. The ACC is growing weaker by the year and will be devoured by the SEC and BIG10, and BIG 12. You will have members leaving. The ACC will be like the old Sun-Belt Conference, Basketball only. I bet Jim Boeheim will be crapping in his pants 2/3 years from now.

    As far as TJ is concerned…he needs to play in an offense like Carolina. South Carolina and University of Southern California are I Teams. TJ will not be able to take that kind of beating carrying the ball 25 times again. TJ is only about 1/4 the back Lattimore is.

  4. Lattimore is/was a great back. I hope he has a full recovery but with an injury like that you never know. TJ will also do well in whatever system he ends up in and there is no way Lattimore is 4 times better than TJ. Period. Gio is also a great back and if he goes pro maybe TJ stays with UNCCh. He does have other options that would probably better fit.

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