Eastern Guilford football coach David Hines resigns

Courtesy of Randall Hackett, Athletic Director at Eastern Guilford High School:

Coach David Hines has resigned as the Head Football Coach at Eastern
Guilford High School for personal reasons. He has not come to this
decision easily, but has felt that this was the best thing for his
family and the program at this time.

Eastern Guilford will immediately begin accepting resumes for the
position. All resumes should be emailed to Randall Hackett at

*****Coach Hines went (2-9) overall and (1-6) in the Mid-State 3-A Conference, in his one year at the Gibsonville(Eastern Guilford) school. The wins came over Southwest Guilford[33-27] and over Morehead[33-32]…..*****


  1. Too bad some former Eastern Guilford/Gibsonville player won’t step up and rescue this program. What about one of the Holt brothers? Or going back a bit, Bobby Hedrick, or going all the way back to Gibsonville Elijah Marshall?

  2. Hey, John Booty ought to step up and do his duty….Former EG QB and he was a good one and he has coaching experience…..

  3. Loosemore left for other reasons, to say he was run off is incorrect. He took advantage of a better opportunity for his family and himself. Eastern needs a serious coach that will be able to motivate rather than look the other way, the lack of athletes competing is astonishing. More athletes in the hallways than on the field.

  4. Loosemore was not ran off is correct per say. He chose to leave because there was absolutely no support at the school…

  5. enuf about loosemore. he put in his time and regardless of why, he’s gone. and to say there is no support at the school is crazy. just go to a basketball game or a wrestling match. bottom line, put a good product on the field or court and the support will be there. struggle to win or even compete year after year and the support will waver. just get the right man and surround him with a good staff. bates knows how a winning program should operate, spent many years at reidsville. plus he is an alumni. get him now!

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