Guilford County will be looking for new high school football coaches

At least three schools and possibly four will be looking for new football coaches, as the new year and the new season rolls around for 2013….

Northeast Guilford(Tommy Pursley), Ben L. Smith(Rodney Brewington) and David Hines(Eastern Guilford) have all stepped down and there was speculation that Coach Johnny Roscoe might retire at the conclusion of the 2012 football season, as the Northern Guilford Nighthawks just won third oonsecutive 3-AA State Title….

Lots of jobs coming open and it was very busy in the coaching ranks with loads of changes at the end of last basketball season with Grimsley, Page, Smith, Dudley, Northern Guilford and High Point Andrews boys all getting new coaches for this season(2012/2012) and the Eastern Guilford, Grimsley and High Point Central girls, all ending up with new coaches for this season….

Busy-busy these days in the coaches’ corner……


  1. Andy, do you have any inside information on who the leading candidates for these jobs are, or when schools might announce anything?

    NE has to be the top job out of these 3 and the right coach at Smith or Eastern could do well with the athletes these schools have. All depends on if the administration is behind athletics are not and will support a new coach.

  2. At NEG I think most of the veterans from Coach Pursley’s staff will be moving on and there might be a young coach or two still at NEG who might want a shot at that job, but most of the older assistants will be gone….

    If things were to change at Northern Guilford I have heard many say that they feel defensive coordinator Brian Thomas would be a real good fit as a Nighthawks head coach….

    You would have to think Coach Kirkpatrick over at Dudley is going to get a shot as head coach somewhere some day and Coach Partee went from Dudley to Smith…..Dudley’s offense under Kirkpatrick has thrived….

    Coach Anderson over at Ragsdale would make somebody a very good head coach…He did a real good job at High Point Andrews for few years there….

    Coach Oakley at High Point Central has done a credible job with the Central team as their chief assistant coach and he has been a head coach before and what about Coach Loosemore at Grimsley? He has been a previous head coach and there is DeAngelo Bell who used to be at WS Parkland and took the Mustangs to a State Title, maybe he is ready to come back to Guilford County and be a head coach here….

    Lots of names out there, but who are the legit candidates???

    If nothing is done before the Christmas break, you can bet the schools will be busy the first two weeks after they get back from the Christmas Holidays, trying to get the new coaches in place…..

  3. The NEG job may be good, but a city school job is always good. You get a chance to pick at the best athletes because 9/10 time all the good athletes live in the city. The problem will be if a good coach would want to come to Guilford County and work in this system. Plus, Smith is a challenging place to work.

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