Week Two of our High School Basketball Polls with numbers starting to roll

*****There’s quite a few changes, but you have to look close to find them this week….*****

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Northeast Guilford(6-0)
2)Southwest Guilford(4-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(6-1)
7)Eastern Guilford(4-1)
9)High Point Central(4-3)
11)Western Guilford(3-6)
12)Southern Guilford(2-5)
13)Northern Guilford(1-5)
14)Southeast Guilford(1-6)
15)High Point Andrews(0-3)

Boys Private School Poll:
2)Greensboro Day School(13-0)
3)High Point Christian(6-1)
4)New Hope Christian(5-5)
5)Bishop McGuinness(3-1)
6)Vandalia Christian(9-3)
7)Calvary Baptist(7-2)
8)New Garden Friends School(3-7)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-4)
10)Caldwell Academy(1-9)

Girls Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Page(6-0)/Southeast Guilford(7-0)
3)Northern Guilford(6-0)
5)High Point Andrews(6-0)
7)Southwest Guilford(2-4)
8)Western Guilford(3-4)
9)Southern Guilford(3-3)
12)Eastern Guilford(1-4)
13)Northwest Guilford(0-6)
14)Northeast Guilford(0-6)
15)High Point Central(0-7)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(10-1)
2)New Hope Christian(8-0)
3)New Garden Friends School(11-2)
4)Bishop McGuinness(4-1)
5)Calvary Baptist(8-0)
6)Vandalia Christian(6-1)
7)Caldwell Academy(6-4)
9)Westchester Country Day(2-4)
10)High Point Christian Academy(0-4)

Boys Combined Poll:
4)Northeast Guilford(6-0)
5)Southwest Guilford(4-0)
7)Northwest Guilford(6-1)
10)Eastern Guilford(4-1)


  1. Andy, how Is GDS girls number one with a lost and New Hope two with no lost and have played some tough competition?

  2. I think you are underestimating High Point Christian @ #3, not that it really makes a lot of difference at this point.

    One loss first game out to Oak Hill (and without big Chuck – although I’m not sure he’s going to be playing this year or not). I’m pretty sure their scores against common opponents (Ravenscroft and Westchester) blow Wesleyan out of the water. But I do realize it’s not a huge issue or worth arguing at this point.

    However, I sure think in late February after the games have been played, they will be #1. Will be fun to watch.

  3. I need to see New Hope play a game to get a better feeling for what they have this year…Do they face GDS? I know they faced each other at GDS in December of last year….GDS has a couple of key players this year, one is Adkinson and the other escapes me right now….Bengals are strong and I am sure of that and I do need to see New Hope….Want to see Lucky Rudd for sure….

    HPCA will have to find a way of getting and keeping everyone involved…Brandon Clifford has done a very good job of that the past two years and it will be even tougher this year…They do need to get Chuck back to be most effective…He does some real good things around the basket for that Cougar team….

    GDS will not the problem of getting all hands on deck this season…They are not as deep as usual and this will either be of benefit to them or it might hurt them in those key PACIS games…We will need to see who steps up, but right now the Bengal mix is working out real nice…..

    Good comments on good ball teams, all the way aroud and the Dudley girls lost to a very good West Forsyth team tonight at Dudley…Jasmine Jones is one of the better girls players in the state….

  4. New Hope is loaded with talent this year, They are once again led by Sarah Beal and they have strong post players and great shooters. New Hope will be hosting a holiday tournament starting next Friday, where they will play the first game against Harding, last years state champions.

  5. how did HPCA go from tied at 2nd to 3rd based on any performance between them and GDS? I don’t care, just curious what the logic is. HPCA has been mopping teams that GDS and Wesleyan have been beating by 15-20. Just curious to the reasoning.

  6. Would love to see GDS girls vs. New Hope…They played it last year and it made GDS a better team at the Little Four and in January and why can’t we play it again?

    Great game for both teams and the fans…

    GDS boys 13-0 and HPCA 7-0…I may be a nutt, but you have to give a slight edge to the the team that has gone through the 13 games without a loss….

    We need to see these two play to decide it and many are saying that with Harry Giles in the lineup to go with Theo, Richmond, Chapman and others, the real edge goes to WES this season…..

    Any thoughts and I still say HPCA needs to get Chuck back to be complete….

  7. You can’t say HPCA boys blew this team out by 50 and Wesleyan or GDS beat the same team by 25 and say that HPCA is the better team. I have attended HPCA and Wesleyan games. Wesleyan first 9 kids are better than any school in the area or state. And they didn’t play any after 3 minutes in 3rd. So Wesleyan plays their bench alot just ask, instead keeping the better kids in the game to really embarrassed a team. So thats how you need to look at. Go to the games and then make a judgment. Wesleyan will have 8 kids to sign Div one scholarships. 3 or 4 of them will be major.

  8. Wesleyan will beat HPCA by 20+. HPCA’s kids are all overrated by people around here that’s why you don’t see any of them ranked.

  9. The fact that Wesleyan rests their starters in their blowouts is a valid point. I’ve only been to 1 HPCA game, but based on the box scores, I’m pretty sure they do the same thing.

    As for Weslyan beating HPCA by 20, that’s one of the more ridiculous statements I’ve read on here – and there have been several. I guess you think they’ll easily handle Christ School tonight, right? Maybe so. We’ll see. And I may be proven wrong when Wesleyan and HPCA play. Sure wish it would be played at HPU.

    And you may be right, their players may be over-rated. And they may have been over-rated last year by ‘people around here’. Then again, I think their team clearly had a better season than Wesleyan or GDS last year. They lost 2 games all year, 1 each to Wesleyan and GDS, and beat Wesleyan once and GDS twice (who each lost several other games to teams HPCA beat).

    Point is, maybe their players aren’t that good, but I didn’t realize we were suppossed to be rating their players; I thought basketball was a team sport.

  10. Well, Basketball fan and Trojans by 20, I must say I am impressed. Wesleyan went into Arden and beat Christ School by 13. Very impressive indeed. I see Josh Level didn’t play (think he’s hurt), but regardless, that’s impressive.

    Jan 8 @ HPCA will be an interesting game. Wesleyan won there last year, I believe.

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