New HS Basketball Polls

Here is the new look at our polls for this week….

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Northeast Guilford(7-0)
2)Southwest Guilford(6-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(7-2)
7)Eastern Guilford(4-3)
8)High Point Central(5-4)
10)Southern Guilford(4-5)
12)Western Guilford(3-7)
13)Northern Guilford(1-7)
14)Southeast Guilford(1-8)
15)High Point Andrews(0-5)
*****According to the earlier MaxPreps SEG beat Grimsley, but we got all of that corrected ….*****

Boys Private School Poll:
2)Greensboro Day School(15-0)
3)High Point Christian(7-1)
4)New Hope Christian(5-6)
5)Vandalia Christian(10-3)
6)Bishop McGuinness(3-2)
7)Calvary Baptist(8-2)
8)New Garden Friends School(4-8)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-5)
10)Caldwell Academy(2-9)

Girls Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Page(7-0)/Southeast Guilford(9-0)
3)Northern Guilford(8-0)
4)High Point Andrews(8-0)
6)Southwest Guilford(3-5)
7)Western Guilford(3-4)
8)Southern Guilford(4-5)
10)Eastern Guilford(3-4)
13)Northwest Guilford(0-8)
14)Northeast Guilford(0-7)
15)High Point Central(0-9)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)TIE:Greensboro Day School(11-1)/New Hope Christian(9-0)
3)Bishop McGuinness(5-1)
4)New Garden Friends School(11-2)
5)Calvary Baptist(8-0)
6)Vandalia Christian(6-1)
7)Caldwell Academy(6-5)
9)Westchester Country Day(2-4)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-5)

Boys Combined Poll:
4)Northeast Guilford(7-0)
5)Southwest Guilford(6-0)
7)Northwest Guilford(7-2)
10)Eastern Guilford(4-3)


  1. Andy……..the New Garden Friends maxpreps website? are they counting 5 scrimmage games as regular season wins?

  2. Will go back and look at that Grimsley-SEG boys score again….

    We had Grmisley winning here at the site on Wednesday and then we checked out the MaxPreps and they had SEG winning on both the Grimsley and SEG sites for MaxPreps….

    I would suggest that the coaches or maybe they can have one of their assistant coaches send all scores to MaxPreps and also update your record and schedule there too….

    On NGFS girls, their boys have played 12 regular season games, so I would say that their girls record is near money too…..

    Good calls and we have meetings early afternoon and will take care of poll issues later afternoon….

    I’m sure most would agree, that the poll looks pretty accurate this week….

  3. Score has now been changed to read Grimsley: Score 72 – 53 at MaxPreps….Grimsley now adjusted to (3-4) and SEG(1-8)…

    I guess with our discussion here, we did get results and changes did occur…Good job by all involved to get this straight….

    As I have said so many times before, we do get results….

  4. Andy…….again on the New Garden Friends girls…….it clearly says scrimmage, then 4 wins against varsity opponent on the same date…..we have to get these Coaches to put regular season wins if we are going to rank our teams using maxpreps.

  5. NGFS Girls has only had 2 scrimmages..
    1 win against Parry McClure High School and 1 lost against New Hope Christian Academy. As of tonight, their record is 14-2. Removing the scrimmages their record would be 13-1. Either way, the girls are playing good basketball.

  6. On the Grimsley-SEG game we got the score corrected and it was time to smooth out the rough edges…

    We will decide it all on the basketball court next time around….

  7. Oak Level is a private school in Stokesdale. There record is 11/8! they should be ranked in the top ten of private schools?

  8. The NGFS girls are good. The school is in the process of building a very strong program. They are good now and will be VERY GOOD in the future. The adults involved with both the girls and the boys teams are building the program the right way

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