Now is the time to take the Blue out of Blue Devils and just go with Duke Devils

With both the Duke men and women starting out the college basketball season unbeaten and making this a very strong run on both sides to begin 2012/2013, Devil men are (10-0) and the ladies are off to a perfect (8-0) start, now would be the ‘perfect’ time to make a ‘perfect’ change….

You might want to start calling me ‘Mr. Perfect’, after I share this hoops idea with you….

Let’s go ahead and drop the BLUE now and just start calling the Duke teams, the Duke Devils….

Why not drop/get rid of/eliminate the BLUE and just carry on with the name, the Duke Devils….

Duke Devils has such a good and a really strong ring to it….

Duke Devils and keep the blue colors for old time’s sake, but do what I have been doing for a while now, “Start calling Duke, the Duke Devils and drop the BLUE”…..

How about you??? Are you ready to drop the blue?

For me it has been going on for a while now…I find myself asking the question, “how did the Devils do last night”???….Not often saying, “How did the Blue Devils do last night?”……

The Duke Devils…It really does have a nice ring to it…..

New Jersey Red Devils? Even with them, the New Jersey Devils does sound better and they aren’t even playing this year…..

Tonight we have the Elon Phoenix at the Duke Devils…..Not the Elon ‘Fighting’ Phoenix at the Duke Blue Devils….

Think about all of those great merchandising possibilities……


I do(Duke) believe we are on to something…..

Long live the DEVILS of DUKE in 2013……


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