Ravens Ray Lewis ready to retire:What will you remember about Ray?

What will you remember about Ray Lewis, set to retire from the Baltimore Ravens, as soon as their playoff run is complete….

Remember about Ray???
*****Here’s a pretty good Top Ten, got anything to add to it….*****

1)Came from ‘The U’…Miami University, former Hurricane…

2)One of the top linebackers in NFL history…

3)The number that he wore, #52….

4)The fact that he spent his entire career with the Baltimore Ravens….

5)The year he was at the Super Bowl in Atlanta and was accused of killing a man, when he and several acquaintances were seen coming in and out of limo right at the time when the man was killed…Don’t know how Ray will ever put that behind him….

6)Mean looking dude, you didn’t want to mess with Ray…

7)Quick as a cat, nobody could cover the field from side-to-side like Ray Lewis….

8)Devotion to his family/sons…Says he is leaving the game to watch his sons play college football….

9)Super Bowl Winner, as he led the Ravens to their one and only Super Bowl victory…

10)Along with Johnny Unitas and Jim O’Brien(the guy that kicked the field goal to win it for the Baltimore Colts in the Super Bowl) Ray Lewis is the biggest name in Baltimore pro football history….Along with Cal Ripken Jr., the biggest name in modern-day Baltimore sports history…..

Ray Lewis ready to retire, read more on Ray when you CLICK HERE


  1. This is what we are looking for, heart-felt feedback….

    Not ‘play it pretty’ for Atlanta(Freebird by Lynard Skynard), not ‘Bad Street Atlanta GA(Freebirds with Michael P.S. Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts) but what really happened in Atlanta and what will all of you remember about Ray Lewis….

    Ray had a chance to clean-up and rebuild his image after that incident in Atlanta(and he did a good job of it), but what will all of you remember most about Ray???

  2. I will remember Big Ray ALL PRO 9 or 10 times and I knew the man and he was a rock at Linebacker.

    ALL PRO Ray Lewis and that is all..ALL PRO

  3. Hey, I wonder what others have to say about the way Ray could play…

    Today is the day, let’s here what you have to day about the way Ray could play…OK????

  4. Ray Lewis was and still is DA MAN!!!

    Was Colts and now Ravens Fan!!!

    Love Baltimore and Ray Lewis!!!

  5. I remember him knocking Rashard Mendenhall out of a game. Glad that he is retiring, mainly because I’m a Steelers fan.

  6. He was a great player, but I can’t get by what happened in Atlanta. He was at the scene of a murder and would not tell the authorities exactly what happened. His image will always be tarnished.

  7. I think a lot of people feel the same way, but they are afraid to say it…

    I was sort of alluding to this earlier in my post…

    Wonder what Jim Rome would say on this one or even Dan Patrick??? I would like to know what Dan really thinks without him holding back due to NBC and his sponsors….

    For that matter what does everyone think on this topic?????

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