Our High School Basketball Polls are BACK!

Here is the new look at our polls for this week….(After a couple hours work, it is ready and not a masterpiece by any stretch, but it does give us something to work with and there’s plenty of it)…..

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(11-0)
2)Northeast Guilford(10-1)
4)Northwest Guilford(10-4)
7)Eastern Guilford(6-5)
9)High Point Central(6-6)
10)Western Guilford(5-9)
12)Southern Guilford(4-8)
13)Northern Guilford(3-9)
14)Southeast Guilford(3-10)
15)High Point Andrews(1-6)
*****Records according to the MaxPreps.com….*****

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(21-0)
2)TIE:Wesleyan(10-2)/High Point Christian(12-2)
4)Calvary Baptist(9-4)
5)Vandalia Christian(10-5)
6)New Garden Friends School(7-9)
7)Bishop McGuinness(5-4)
8)New Hope Christian(5-6)
9)Westchester Country Day(4-7)
10)Caldwell Academy(2-10)

Girls Public School Poll:
1)TIE:Page(11-0)/Southeast Guilford(13-0)
3)High Point Andrews(10-1)
4)Northern Guilford(11-1)
6)Southwest Guilford(6-5)
7)Eastern Guilford(7-4)
9)Western Guilford(6-6)
10)Southern Guilford(6-7)
12)Northwest Guilford(3-10)
14)Northeast Guilford(0-9)
15)High Point Central(0-12)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian(13-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(16-2)
3)New Garden Friends School(16-3)
4)Calvary Baptist(10-1)
5)Bishop McGuinness(7-3)
6)Vandalia Christian(6-4)
7)Caldwell Academy(7-8)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-6)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-5)

Boys Combined Poll:
4)Southwest Guilford(11-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(10-1)
7)Northwest Guilford(10-4)
10)Eastern Guilford(6-5)


  1. You really think GDS is better then Wesleyan AND HPCA? Come on. They struggled against page. Just because they have 21 wins doesn’t mean there #1.

  2. We will know something very soon…WES at GDS two weeks from tomorrow on Friday Jan. 18…WES has not had Theo Pinson at full strength this season due to foot injury and looks like HPCA will not have the services of big Chuck Ogbodo this season…

    Going to get real interesting, real quick…Six weeks and we’ll see who peaks….Jan. 1-Feb. 15 and that is the ‘Real Scene’, if you know what I mean….

  3. I think we’ll have a better idea on who is #1 after next Tuesday when Wesleyan plays at HPCA – and I’m pretty sure it will be HPCA.

    I do remember a while back “Trojans by 20” said I’ll be wrong. We’ll see.

  4. Just one thing to say to the overrated Pirates tonight…NOT IN OUR HOUSE BABY. Remember 2012.

  5. while gds plays nobody all year, weslyan and hpc have been playing big time prep schools. gds wins 30 games a year,but 25-27 of them are against scrub teams…page is the only good team they played.

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