High School high scorers from Friday night

Boys cut-off is set at 18 points and the girls cut-off is at 15 points for this Friday-weekend list of our High School high scorers…

Girls High Scorers:
Gabby Boyd(Northern Guilford) 35 points
Moriah Davis(Dudley) 25 points
Paris Kea(Page) 24 points
Keniece Purvis(New Garden Friends School) 23 points
Amanda Coffer(Northern Guilford) 19 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 17 points
Meghan Ingram(Westchester) 17 points
Raelin Davis(Vandalia) 16 points
Hollie Boggs(Southern Alamance) 15 points
Julia Brown(Bishop McGuinness) 15 points

Boys high scorers:
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford) 34 points
Quan Mims(McMichael) 30 points
Josh Burton(Westchester) 28 points
Mohammed Tijani(Northeast Guilford) 24 points
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) 23 points
Nick Powell(Northwest Guilford) 22 points
Jackson Kent(High Point Christian Academy) 21 points
Stefon Davis(Southern Guilford) 20 points
Jeremy Harris(Northeast Guilford) 20 points
Ben Ferguson(SWG) 20 points
Devan Gregory(Dudley) 19 points
JT Terry(Greensboro Day) 19 points
TC Daniels(Vandalia) 19 points
Ty Graves(Page) 18 points

High Numbers from Caldwell Academy boys:
Marshall Macheledt, 16 points and 13 Rebounds and 3 blocks….


  1. Nighthawk Nation……..I know you are very proud of Gabby Boyds 35 points……but what was the point……the final score was 90-31….you are still pressuring very weak teams in a full court defense with starters still playing late in the 4th quarter…….Coach, just remember what goes around comes back around…..You will be no one’s Coach of the year……sad

  2. I am not a Nighthawk’s fan nor did I see this game but you must give your coach some credit for looking down the road within conference or the playoffs. If she makes her starters sit the bench or play “down” in the 2nd half because they are killing the other team, then her team will not be prepared or conditioned to play against good teams in the end. You would then say she did not prepare her team to win against the better teams. The problem at Northern is that they have 4A players in all sports playing a very weak 3A conference from Rockingham and Caswell Co. Those county areas cannot compete with a good sized Greensboro school with great resources and training access in sports such as football and basketball. It would be a bigger story if Northern lost in football or basketball to schools in those counties.

  3. I would think when you only have nine players some times you have to do what you have to do and why not give Gabby a chance to have a big night…People used to complain off and on that the Coffer sisters saw the ball all of time and nobody else got a chance…

    The Northern girls are doing what they have to do and so is the coach…Playing to win and working to move up on the polls…

    Eastern will give Northern a much tougher game the second time around and so will Rockingham County…

    Better keep getting that ‘Iron Nine’ in shape cause come playoff time they are goig to need it…

    Northern does a good job and one day, probably in about 5-6 years we will see them in the same conference with Page, Dudley, Smith, Grimsley, Southeast, Southern Alamance and the 4-A’s….

    It would almost be a given that we will see Northern at the 4-A level after the next realignment is complete….

    Nighthawks are looking for a girls title and what’s wrong with that….Those girls are working hard just like everybody else…

    They are just trying to earn a title…The boys had one and they had to give it back, but maybe the Nighthawk women are due one on the 3-A level….

    Burlington Williams from the Nighthawks’ Mid- State 3-A Conference made it to the 3-A Finals last year and fell in the Title Game…

    Williams should be fairly tough again this year….

    We have the Page and Dudley girls that have set their sites on a 4-A Title this season….Page and Dudley girls will play each other this Friday night and the winner of that game will in the driver’s seat for a while in the Metro 4-A…..

    I think any of these girls would do a good job for you if you are a college coach….

    Coffer, Coleman, Currie, Kea, Abraham, Johnson, Davis, Maize, Barnes, Boyd, Rouse, Kargo and all of those are starters and they are all good ones and any coach in his or her right mind wouldn’t mind having any of those girls on his or her team….

    Just mentioning them cause they were all involved in the story-line from above….

  4. So it’s okay for your last 3 games to win 90-31, 89-12 and 97-8. Are we really trying to get better. Why did they only schedule teams who won less than 40% last year. To prepare your team to make a championship run, you play a better nonconference. For example, Dudley has 4 losses on the season, all to top notch competition and it shows in their conference record. If you played a tougher schedule….and yes coaches know what teams will be weak and who they need to schedule the next year……How long has Nothern been open? Why haven’t we seen a Dudley, Page, Southeast, Southwest, Reidsville, Cummings some traditional good girls teams on their schedule….Had HP Andrews on there until they got better…….No Title in the near future….you have to play teams like Ben L. Smith to be able beat them…..no losses 3 straight years to a 5-7 place team in the Metro…….keep thinking it’s good coaching, wait to the playoff’s.

  5. C’mon Man!!! Y’all know good and well that Coach Furlough isn’t gonna schedule any 4A teams from around here. The Smith coach probably got her thinking about getting out of the little 4. I don’t see why Northern doesn’t play a tougher local schedule. She always has pretty good talent. I don’t get it!!! It’s not like anyone is saying go play New Hope Christian. Heck you don’t even gotta play Dudley or Page. Just play some good teams with comparable talent. SE Guilford, SW Guilford, Andrews, Thomasville somebody!!! As a Highschool coach you can’t be scared to play tough competition. You can’t be scared to get that bump!!!

  6. Real Deal

    Are you saying that in our conference Mid State over the past four years that we had no players or teams that would or could have competed with the teams you just mentioned? Coach Furlough is a strong candidate for coach of the year in Guilford County and we have probably the best players in Amanda Cofer and Sydney Wilson.

  7. No one is saying that they don’t have good talent at Northern to match up with the above mention schools…..but they have never played those schools. Why would you only schedule Grimsley, NE Guilford and Ragsdale as Guilford County schools to play…….all of these girls programs are down right now…….do they have any creditable wins against any top notch programs in Guilford County……In order to be named Guilford County Coach of the year, you have to play Guilford County schools……Can’t keep saying it’s the Mid-State Conference….Eastern Guilford plays a very balanced Guilford county schedule…….can’t beat them won’t schedule them……it only hurts you down the road during the playoffs

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