Prediction from back on Monday sure rings true today:“N.C. State will beat the Unbeaten Devils this Saturday in Raleigh”

From here at the site earlier this week:

“N.C. State will beat the Unbeaten Devils this Saturday in Raleigh”
(Posted by Andy Durham on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 6:20 pm.)

N.C. State is going to win this game and I have it on good authority that this will happen on Saturday…Duke will fall from the ranks of the Unbeatens on Saturday….

You can’t mess with a ‘Guarantee’…..N.C. State over Duke this Saturday……..

*****Boy, that town(Raleigh) is going to be Rockin’, on Saturday night.*****

+++++I guess you could just call me, ‘Nostradurhamus’…+++++


  1. Andy, just read a post from last month that said i died. I do not know if this will make anyone happy or sad but you were right i am alive. You can even call my office to prove it. What really bothered me was the negrad said i wrestled but didi not play football. OOCH. I played and started both ways on every team from the 8th grade through my sr. year. Hell i even made all conference at middle linebacker at 130 lbs as a jr. I wrestled at app state and played club football on the championship team that played in europe. But you nailed it rugby was my life . please call me and i can give you the history of ne in the 70s and 80s thanks Joel

  2. I don’t know… with Kelly as one of their main post threats being hurt, State playing well, and the game in Raleigh… you guys didn’t exactly beat big odds saying State would win.

  3. The excitement is starting to build and spread in Raleigh…Duke fan Bruce Mitchell was seen chasing a scalded dog across the PNC Center Parking lot after the game today….

    We brought a dead man back and we were on the money with the STATE win today….

    Anybody got John Fox’s phone number???

    Wait a minute, it’s too late for that….

  4. I started to put that, but I thought I’d let you do it, cause I knew somebody would…

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