High School high scorers from last night and in Monday games

We will start loading them up and keep adding them in throughout the day…Boys cut-off at 15 and girls at 12 points….And here we go, and if we leave somebody, out let us know…(Excellent balance so far, with 24 boys and 23 girls on this list and we may have missed someone, if so, let us know…We have been hitting it pretty hard on all of these names and numbers….

Boys high scorers:
Quan Mims(McMichael) 35 points
Kevin Weckworth(Bishop McGuinness) 32 points
Terrell Leach(SWG) 30 points
Sam Hunt(Dudley) 27 points
Ty Graves(Page) 25 points
Mohammad Tijani(NEG) 25 points
Mike Bass(SEG) 23 points
Bennie Butler(HP Andrews) 22 points
Houston Miller(Vandalia) 20 points
Jaqwan McCauley(Southern Guilford) 19 points
Tyler Metcalf(VCS) 19 points
Devin Gregory(Dudley) 18 points
Donovan Gilmore(WES) 18 points
Chris Eatmon(HP Andrews) 18 points
DJ Chamblee(SWG) 17 points
Christian Hairston(Greensboro Day) 17 points
Marshall Macheledt(Caldwell) 17 points
Will Scarborough(Caldwell) 17 points
Ty Graves(Page) 17 points
Ahmad Langham(HP Central) 16 points
Josh Crutchfield(SEG) 16 points
Ethan Willis(VCS) 16 points
Jeremy Harris (NEG) 15 points
Reggie Dillard(GDS) 15 points
Nick Efiird(Bishop) 15 points
Guy Pittman(Caldwell) 15 points

Girls high scorers:
Keniece Purvis(New Garden) 27 points
Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford) 24 points
Keniece Purvis(NGFS) 21 points
Julia Brown(Bishop McGuinness) 19 points
Sydney Smith(NGFS) 19 points
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 17 points
Akela Maize(Dudley) 17 points
Asia Milton(NGFS) 17 points
Santia Davis(High Point Andrews) 17
Kenya Hailey(SEG) 16 points
Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale) 17 points
Hannah Houser(Caldwell) 16 points
Akela Maize(Dudley) 15 points
Ronata Rogers(GDS) 15 points
Tamera Thorpe(GDS) 15 points
Kara Shutt(SEG) 14 points
Jessica Bridges(SWG) 14 points
Kennedy Porter(SWG) 14 points
Ayana Rivers(SWG) 14 points
Lenaire Ruffin(River Mill) 14 points
Callie Patterson(Eastern Guilford) 13 points
Paris Kea(Page) 12 points
Briana Burgins(SWG) 12 points
Mo Davis(Dudley) 12 points
Imani Watkins(HPA) 12
Shamisha Farabee(HPA) 12
Destiny Timberlake(HPA) 12


  1. N&R had Paris with 12 and assuming that they got their’s from the scorebook…The 10 we had showing came from PA at SEG and they could have missed one or two points…..

    Going most recent numbers with N&R…

  2. Andrews at Randleman
    Santia Davis 17
    Imani Watkins 12
    Shamisha Farabee 12
    Destiny Timberlake 12

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