Interview with Coach Shawyn Newton Southeast Guilford girls basketball after Falcons win on Tuesday night

Our interview with Southeast Guilford girls basketball coach Shawyn Newton, after last night’s win by his Falcons over the Page Pirates, in what was a real tight, but high-scoring game, 55-51 Falcons….

A true testament to both teams in a very hard-fought Metro 4-A battle at SEG and now time to Click On below to hear from Coach Newton and get his thoughts on the game, and if he could, who would he give the ‘Game Ball’ to after this big win???


  1. Good interview Coach!
    You think you could throw in a player interview once in while. I would like to hear their thoughts and reactions to the game. Good job, Andy.

  2. Good thinking on your part and we need to be looking in that direction where we will start including more players….

    That needs to be one of our priorities…We have done it some with the boys on Friday and put in the part last night, about the ‘Game Ball’ winner and that is another part we need to add on a regular basis…And then we need to
    bring in that player….

  3. Panther Nation

    Why you want post on something that is not related to Dudley? Sounds like you trying to talk a little smack now. You know what just happened to the last school that ran that mouth. Be carefull what you say! You still have to go to SA and Page.

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