First baseball sighting of the season was today at War Memorial Stadium

The first baseball sighting of the season was today at War Memorial Stadium, on Yanceyville and Lindsey Streets….

The lights were on at arouund 5 o’clock and there was at least one baseball team out there on the field and that means, baseball season is back….

I was the first one to see it, I was the first to notice it….Maybe not, but I was one of the first and it was not Greensboro College, their first game is not until this Saturday, February 2 and it was not N.C. A&T, their first games does not happen until February 15…..

But there was a team out there today and I would say maybe it was GTCC, but they work out and practice over in Jamestown and they play their games at Ragsdale High School….But somebody was down there today and baseball is back and they picked a good week to make their return…….

Maybe that was Guilford, but I would say probably not, they have been practicing for about two weeks and hitting that Stuart Maynard Indoor Batting Center/Cage there at the college and we did hear that Tyler Hunt, from Eastern Guilford, has joined the team as a pitcher….

Don’t think that was UCNG out there at the Stadium today, they will do most of their work over on Aycock Street…..

Somebody was there today(at WMS) and the lights were on, and “Baseball is Back”……
(Maybe that was the Donnie Stowe All-Stars out there warming up today.)


  1. Grimsley’s lights were on too. I saw them when I went to Golden Corral to redeem the free meal from Greensboro Sports. Thanks Andy!!!

  2. Those 8 man workouts will turn into real tryouts and practices over the next few weeks.

    The Metro baseball might be a little like the ACC basketball this year in that there could be more equity.

    Whatch think?

  3. With SE and Dudley losing a bunch to graduation, you’re probably right. Here is my prediction.
    Southern Alamance
    Western Guilford

  4. i am going on the limb and saying southern alamance ,page,wg,se,dudley,grimsley, is loaded with seniors and i think those kids are ready to make a run at it,i think its scofield , stanley , putnam, lamoore ,and the first baseman are all seniors with a talented sophmore cf. they have pitching and i think this is the team to watch out for. just my prediction. coach hardin might have something brewing over there good luck to him and all the metro its going to be a great season. cant wait for the start.

  5. with page having 9 seniors, they should be able to compete with not only the teams in the mettro but across the state. page has the leadership and the talent to do well this year.

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