Game Report: Calvary Baptist vs Greensboro Day School – Varsity Girls

Greensboro Day School vs. Calvary Baptist- 1/28/13

Greensboro Day School – 74
Calvary Baptsist – 41

Greensboro Day School Scorers
Brandi McLean- 5 pts
Caroline Spurr-9 pts
Roxi Pfenning- 2 pts
Caroline Sherwood-13 pts
Imani Atkinson-1 pt
Tamera Thorpe-18 pts
Gabby Merritt-2 pts
Ronata Rogers 24 pts

Calvary Scorers
B. Peterson-2 pts
C. Hutcherson-8 pts
M. Ladd-15 pts
I. Carney-8 pts
E. Zappone-8 pts

Game Statement: On Senior night for the Greensboro Day School Varsity Girls Basketball Team, the Bengals posted an impressive victory over a 15-4 tough opponent in Calvary Baptist. The Bengals struggled in the first half and led by 3 at halftime. A 26-8 run in the 3 rd quarter sparked by intense defense from Imani Atkinson and 13 points from Ronata Rogers in the quarter and 8 from Tamera Thorpe paved the way to victory. The Bengals were led by Ronata Rogers with 24 points and 17 rebounds, Tamera Thorpe had 18 points and 6 rebounds; Caroline Sherwood with 13 points; and Caroline Spurr also added 9 points and 7 assists.

The Bengals improved to 22-4 on the season. They are 4-0 in conference and play Tuesday night at Forsyth Country Day School.

Submitted by Margo Schiffman


  1. Was just on the phone with a basketball official and they were saying the same thing that is being said here…

    Hope it is not true, but what are you going to do???

    Change hits hard and I guess you just have to go with it….Seems like the comp level at Page would be a whole lot tougher and that is not meant as slap at GDS, that is just the way it is and maybe that will change too….

    Never seen as much change as we have seen in the past 5-7 years and it is not over yet…

    There will be more and we are just going to have to roll with the punches and respect all of the parties involved in these moves…..

  2. Nothing official on any move yet and we will do our best to keep you informed…

    It would seem the best move, if you were going to make a move, is make it after the season/seasons are ocmplete…

    The year is almost over and we are 2/3’s of the way finished..

    A move of any type would orobably best served by all at the end of the year….

    Just some insight from someone on the outside looking in….

  3. I wouldn’t recommend anyone judge this because no one knows what was going on behind the scenes. Like a bad relationship sometimes you have to pack your bags and your kids and leave in the middle of the night.

  4. We will have to go and we will be back to open this one back up in the morning, but remember when we open it back up, NO bashing of coaches or kids….

    Lots of teams and families at stake in a situation like this one….

  5. Not a bad idea to leave the coaches out of this and study the concept….

    Good idea or bad idea and leave it at that and that way nobody gets out of hand, right???

  6. I didn’t say the coach recruited her. Don’t be so defensive.

    If it happens I hope he does the right thing for the girls who are already there.

  7. Greensboro Day School is a great “school”..The teachers, students & staff are dedicated and committed to making that school the very best in Greensboro. Why are kids/parents so attracted to it and ready to transfer & re-grade their kid? Teachers…#1…The educators at the school, far exceed most schools in this area, and they challenge their students. The curriculum…2nd to none..When you graduate from GDS, you are prepared for your College education/experience. The level of expectation….The teachers hold the students to a higher level of accountability, and the parents that send their kids to GDS, also hold the teachers and staff as to that same standard as well..RESPECT…You here of no problems at that school, discipline is 2nd to none…Athletic programs, not just basketball..They compete at high levels in all sports…So why wouldn’t kids want to transfer..I would never put a price on my kids education…NEVER…

  8. If she comes to GDS someone is going to sit or their minutes are going to be reduced tremendously. Kea will teach them how to take it to the next level.

  9. I respect her decision. I also have sympathy for the remaining Lady Pirates. Pick up the pieces and keep moving forward. GO PIRATES!!!!

  10. I agree with Andy, let’s not bash any players or any coaches in this. The decision is what the Kea family feels is in the best interest of their daughter. Now is the timing bad? Yes. Would this move have happened if Page had beat Southeast last week? A lot of questions people will have but will never get answers to. This is a young lady who is sixteen years old and has plenty of life left ahead of her. Like @bballfan said respect the decision and move on. I do sympathize with the Lady Pirates because this is not like losing a teammate to injury or she moved. She is willingly leaving the family and that can hurt. Best wishes to Paris and her family if in fact this is to be a true decision.

  11. You CAN put a price on education at GDS and its about $20,000 annually unless your an athlete and then it doesn’t cost anything. Both parties are at fault.

  12. Kea will simply make a great team even better. She already plays with all of these girls in AAU so they all know each other well. GDS made it to the state finals last year but lost to a very talented Providence Day team. GDS is projected to get back to the finals and hopefully this time they can close the deal. GDS has excellent players at every position.

  13. It’s not fair to those “great players at every position” to bring in a better player to sit one of them down. Win at all costs is not the purpose of high school sports.

  14. When are you all going to realize, that this isn’t just about basketball…This is about Kea’s academic future as well…I am really sick and tired of people thinking of GDS as just a basketball or athletic institution..Yes, they are #9 in the nation, yes, they have one of the best girls basketball programs, yes, they have state powerful girls and boys soccer programs, etc….But the bottom line is, 100% of their seniors graduate, and go on to college..Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.

    Good for Kea to experience this…

  15. Page graduates 100% of its IB students and 100% of them go on to college. She takes IB classes. GDS may be God’s gift to academics and athletics but I would put Page’s IB program up against anything they have. Tone it down basketball fan. You are too eaten up with GDS.

  16. Time to tone it down for a while and shut it down for a while….It is just about game time, so get out there and watch and game or two and let off some steam…

    We will bring it back up for a while later on tonight and then more on Wednesday and will continue to try and hold down any on-line altercations…We don’t need any of those….

    On the education end I attended public and taught in the private school sector and it is not where you go or what you get, it is what you do, with what you get out of the schools….

    You have to put your best foot forward and you can be successful no matter where you came from…Have taught doctors, nurses, CPA’s, actors, business owners and it is always going to be based on how bad do you want to succeed….

    Out and back for more time later on tonight….

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