Game Report: Dudley at Page – Varsity Girls – Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dudley – 49
Page – 54

             1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   Dudley     8   12   17   12    49          
   Page      15   11   18   10    54

Page (15-1, 5-1)
Kea, Paris – 21
Kargo, Bailey – 12
Coleman, Chelsey – 10
Barnes, Debrisha – 9
Johnson, Kayla – 2

Dudley (12-6, 5-2)
Makala Rouse – 11
Tamaya Carter – 10
Akela Maize – 9
Kennedy Currie – 7
Essence Abraham – 6
Moriah Davis – 4
Kiara Harrison – 2

Submitted by Coach D. Jones


  1. @KG….kGDS does not take public players. They come voluntarily like she did. Don’t know if she is leaving but as a coach she would have not seen the floor. If there is a chance we have to play without her the we start tonight. Win or lose.

  2. lol nah tell that lie to some else. I know personally that GDS has recruited some players. Why won’t GDS let her finish up this season at Page and then let her go?

  3. And yes, the kids apply to go there. But they also get recruited. But she may not leave. Because there’s no way id play Paris tonight knowing that she is leaving. So maybe she isn’t. I just hope it works out for the kid and her family regardless.

  4. Because they have a rule where you can’t do just your senior year there. Not sure why. So she would have to leave now. And yes @kg, I agree that they recruit. I talked with a former players father this morning at the gyn and he told me exactly how his son was recruited to the day school. So that is true. But you still gotta pass the test to get in.

    She will probably stay. And there’s no point to reclass. She has acc offers

  5. So answer this, what exactly is the reason kids want to leave their school to play for schools like GDS, HPC, or any other private school? I mean whats up with all the reclasing nowaday? and I know Paris probably has alot of scholarship to school where she shouldn’t want to go to GDS and reclass. But my whole point is why would they want her to leave in the middle of the year in leave the rest of the Page girls hanging like that. Either way she is a great player and I do wish her the best in the future.

  6. The question I would love to know is why? Especially mid season. Everybody knows she applied and wanted to leave asap. That is a fact.

  7. Me personally I would never allow my kid to reclass. I just do not see the point in reclassing. I know kids that have reclassed and still did not get anywhere with their careers after high school. Them coaches and Ads must talk a nice game to get these kids to come and reclass.

  8. Gds doesn’t care about page. Or there team. She applied her freshman year as well. Nobody but her and her family knows why. The reclassing happens because it’s offered. After next year there will be no more reclassing in the state of nc. So get it out now if you think your kid can get a scholarship in 13 years of school instead of normal 12.

  9. lol well im glad all that reclassing is stopping cause it was getting ridiculous. Yea I know they dont care about no other school. Me beibng a Page fan/ Page alumni i just don’t wanna see a player of her caliber leaving, especially when they have the chance to compete for a state championship. But oh well it is what it is. Thanks for explaining everything to me. I understand it a little better now.

  10. If it’s true GDS steals players then why are they not allowing her to come on her terms? A player like kea standing at gds door should have been admitted the same day she applied. What do you make of that being that she isn’t there? Something had to not go right. Greensboro day can make it happen if they want to. Sounds like they didnt want to maybe.

  11. They didn’t steal paris. They recruit though. I don’t think they recruited Paris. And if you read my earlier posts you wouldn’t ask questions that have been answered. She can’t come on her terms because if it was her terms it would be for senior year. Which I stated in my earlier post that the school won’t allow anybody to go for just one year. Which is why she would have to come now. Do a semester. And then be there for a year and a half in theory. But they are pressuring her to reclass and she doesn’t want to. From what I’ve heard. You wanna ask any

  12. That I do not know. Good questions tho. A player like her should be admitted the same day tshe applied. Haven’t seen a Girl player good like her at page since Jasmine Gill.

  13. I know reclassing will end soon in NC, but honestly did reclassing help or hurt alot of players? The players i know did not really get any better offers then what they had before.

  14. Greensboro Day has and will take seniors. Not many and not what they prefer but they have and they will. Know that for a FACT.

  15. Do you know that for a fact? Because the FACTS that I know. Is that I talk with two people who work at GDS and will not let you stay go for a senior year unless there are extenuating circumstances. So unless you work at the school, or know someone who has told you otherwise. Or know some seniors who did it and can list there circumstances. You have your “fact” wrong. And for the record, I’m far from a gds supporter. Just know a bunch of people within the school.

  16. Where are all the comments about the good job Page did in the win tonight???

    Paris played well, excellent game by Debrisha Barnes too and Chelsey Coleman was real tough inside for the Pirates….

    Real strong start for Paris and some great passes tonight too….Solid outside shooting by Kargo too…

    Good win for the Page women…

    Chat will close at around 11…Looks like the same thing back and forth not going anywhere…

  17. @Andy

    You are right, Page Girls played an excellent game. Nice play by Kea and Kargo. Page girls D was great too. Also great play by coleman and Barnes down low. Lets go Lady Pirates keep up the good work. Got a lil side track from all the rumors

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