Wednesday Basketball – 01-30-2013

Andy Durham and Dennis White are LIVE at the Dudley vs Page Game – Listen Live at Basketball In Focus

Girls Final

Dudley – 49
Page – 54

Boys – Final Overtime

Dudley – 61
Page – 52

We had some phone issues a result of the storm tonight.


  1. Page lost because they didn’t share the ball? I would have thought they would have won by 10-15 points easily.

  2. In the 4th quarter they played well, if they played that way the whole game maybe they would have won easily. too many players tryin to be stars and forcing things.

  3. Hat’s off the the Lady Pirates and Coach Jones of Page for a big win. May God be with Coach Jones and the Pirates as they complete their season.

  4. Page had the game in the bag two or three times, we have to many selfish players not playing team ball. This has hurt Page all season. One pass and shoot or driving down the court and shooting will not win the conference.
    Dudley simply played better team ball to win the game. Overall Page had a better team.
    I believe Page can learn from this game and move the team to the next level.

    Let’s go guys share the ball and kick butt this Friday night. It will be a sold out crowd. Home against Grimsley.

  5. @Pagedad

    well said. Too many players trying to be the star and forcing bad shots. I have to admit page played good team ball in the 4th but thats bout the only quarter they played good together.

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