Game Report: Greensboro Day vs High Point Christian Varsity Boys

High Point Christian – 64
Greensboro Day – 55

                          1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   Greensboro Day         18   11   17    9    55
   High Point Christian   23   15   10   16    64

High Point Christian (22-6)
Joey McLean 15, 6 assists
Alvah Phillip 2
Diante Baldwin 1
Chuck Ogbodo 2
Jackson Kent 17
Isiah Gill 9
Brayden Masten 4
Mike Kobani 14

Greensboro Day
Montrel Goldston 5
Darius Moore 2
Bryan Rouse 2
Reed Lucas 12
Christian Hairston 5
Reggie Dillard 13
Jonathan Terry 13
Will Gardner 3

High Point Christian’s next game is Thursday at home against Walkertown High School

Submitted by Carson Cashwell


  1. Well well well first off, I would like to say CONGRATS to HPCA for handing out that spanking to GDS. Question of the day for GDS fans was this another “off night” for y’all? Lol I’ll answer that nope y’all just got BEAT. Congrats HPCA!!!

  2. A wise farmer once said – Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Good win by HPC but GDS was at 60% at best tonight. 1 of top 7 out sick, 1 threw up minutes before the game, 3 others may not have played tonights game if they were playing a nobody team due to a “bug” ripping thru the team. Wesleyan has already taken the top crown so this game was only for potential seeding. Hopefully GDS will be healthy by next week because nobody will have any cut cards left when we all get to Charlotte.

  3. GDS was sick and HPCA’s point guard and leader went down in the early second quarter and did not return. Excuses are for losers. HPCA didn’t make any and they won.

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