Is the Duke-North Carolina ‘Battle of the Blues’ relevant on a national basis?

Is the big Duke-North Carolina ‘Battle of the Blues’ series relevant on a national level???

Really got to wondering about this yesterday and somebody here at the site brought it to our attention here today and I’m just now getting the chance to touch on this topic, here in the 2 o’clock hour, this afternoon…

Duke-North Carolina, the ‘Battle of the Blues’, is HUGE here in North Carolina and throughout most of ACC Country, but outside of this region is it really that big of a deal???

Bigger than Red Sox-Yankees baseball, bigger than Alabama-LSU football, bigger than Washington-Dallas football???

Is this the biggest rivalry in all of sports?
(That is what we have been hearing this week.)

I’m not sold on the fact that people outside of this region really care that much about this game, or if they even follow it that closely when it comes on TV….

To me this still seems to be a regional event and not an event that is of national relevance……Are there fans all the country that dig in and go wild and crazy when the Duke-Carolina basketball games come around???

Again it is HUGE around here in ACC Land, but throughout the rest of the land? Not sure if the reat of the nation was locked down watching the big game from Durhamm last night….

Many times were are guilty of getting caught up in our own ACC Universe and it is a good one, but to me, we are just one planet in the ‘Sports Universe’…..

2 thoughts on “Is the Duke-North Carolina ‘Battle of the Blues’ relevant on a national basis?

  1. It is that big of deal judging by the coverage it gets on national news outlets.

    The biggest in all of sports? I don’t think you can pick one rivalry that’s the biggest in all sports. And even if you could, it would change based on ferocity of the rivalry of the teams of the time period.

    Packers-Bears in 80s when Ditka and Forrest Greg were the coaches was off the chain fierce. Those two coaches and teams flat out did not like each other and it showed in how they played.

    Duke-Carolina play each other hard but with these current teams, I don’t get the sense of common dislike of each other that makes it intense.

    Now is this in the top 20 of biggest sports rivalries of all time? I think so. Definitely in the top 3 (if not #1) of college sports.

    And not taking anything way from State-Carolina… but Duke-Carolina is definitely the biggest rivalry in the ACC.

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