UCLA Bruins looking at N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried

Ben Howland is out at UCLA and the Bruins are beginning the search to find a coach to replace John Wooden….They have been looking for that man for nearly 35 years and he hasn’t showed up yet….There have been quite a few to step on the court at Pauley Pavillion, since the ‘Wizard of Westwood’ moved on….

Gene Bartow, Gary Cunningham, Walt Hazzard, Larry Brown, Jim Harrick, Steve Lavin, Ben Howland and the list goes on and so does the search to find to find the new, ‘Wizard of Westwood’….

UCLA wants Rick Pitino, Brad Stevens and just about every other major name on the college basketball top tier, but they may end coming hard after N.C. State’s Mark Gottfried….

Would be a great move for Gottfried with Richard Howell, Scott Wood, C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown all looking to leave Raleigh too, either due to graduation from college, or due to graduating on the NBA…..

This would fit what Gottfried is looking to do perfectly…

Head on out to ‘Westwood’ and you have at least a two-year rebuilding period, just like he did at N.C. State and he can amp up his volume during that time-frame and he will never be without a job again….

Read all on Mark Gottfried and the looks the UCLA faithful are sending his way, when you CLICK HERE….

*****Pretty big story/news coming in out of Raleigh today….Not a lot left at N.C. State and Gottfried might be ready to get of town.*****


  1. How about a lean toward Bobby Lutz, if Gottfried blows the coop and heads out toward LA LA land???

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