No real surprise:Leslie(N.C. State) headed to the NBA Draft(C.J. ready to play in the NBA and it he lets it be known today)/Now Rodney Purvis pulls out too!!

*****Rodney Purvis pulled out today too and he is going the transfer route…..WHAT really is going down there in Raleigh??? What about Warren and Tyler Lewis?? Will they be back?? We know Coach Gottfried will back, but will have enough boys to form a choir???*****

He is on his way to the NBA and that is what C.J. was saying today….C.J./Calvin Leslie is leaving Raleigh and the N.C. State Wolfpack and he will be in the pros next season and he hopes to have a long stay in the NBA….

Read more from his official announcement this morning when you CLICK HERE….(


  1. So Leslie if the D-League doesn`t workout you are a great poet. We @ packpride are in meltdown central we lose 4 starters Rodney is transfer to UConn Tyler Lewis transfering to Davidson TJ Warren not sure if he is going to test the NBA waters.

    I personally regret all the crap we as a fan base have spewed toward both duke & unc. We had the best team on paper that we have had in 20 years and still finish behind them in every category. This is depressing.

  2. Wow what a bad investment how much money was lost on this fictitious boarding school that wolfpack dollars paid for and him being the only graduate of the school. This is getting better by the minute. Tyler Lewis your on the clock. Gottfried you got any eligibililty. Yow can you fire him now since the future sucks again. This was our state what happen.

  3. Now the latest on “Cat” Barber you know the one that went to Louisville and got caught stealing player apparel and everyone backed off of recruiting but NCSU, well people in his network don`t feel he will ever qualify but no worries they can send him to the same school Rodney went to that 1 student school in Raleigh.

    Guys you can`t make this stuff up. Are we a basketball school still When does the bass fishing start.

  4. All of this is going to take a while for the N.C. State fans to process…

    If Warren goes pro, who is left other than Tyler Lewis, Lutz, Gottfried and Yow….

    This is getting to be a real concern for State fans that I am hearing from, the Wolfpack may go from back-to-back 20 win season, to just 20 wins in the next three years….

    Many concerns…..

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