National Calling Day

National calling day is approaching or has already started for prospective girls and boys Basketball players that are rising seniors. Those players that are seriously being recruited should have coaches calling them during this time. It normally happens right after the Final Four is concluded. Congratulations to UCONN for the girls and Louisville for the boys for earning the National Title. For many this will be a very intense time . Making a decision about which school to attend is not hard. Making the wrong decision is. It is very imperative that a prospective student athlete needs to know exactly why they are chosing a particular University. If it is based solely on basketball, it will be the wrong decision everytime. The NCAA said there were over 400 student athletes that transferred last year from the school that they initially commited to. The question or questions become , What happen or What has change from the original excitement? Many coaches will be calling during this time to see where you will be playing during the AAU season. This does not mean that they are offering and nor should a student-athlete assume that they are. Too often a prospective student athlete may have an offer in hand but some how, some one has told them that they will get a much bigger offer. What is a bigger offer provided that they have everything at the school that a prospective student athlete is looking for? Schools like Uconn, Duke,Tennessee, Stanford, Northcarolina, Kentucky and Louisville have already made their offers to rising seniors whom have already commited. Heck, they have made offers to players of such talent back in ninth grade. Unless you are along the lines of a Brittany Griner or a Lebron James type player coming out of highschool , its very dubious that you can afford to put schools on hold. Uncommited rising seniors players that have offers on the table can also run a great risk of getting hurt during the AAU season and schools can pull the offer off the table; Wishful thinking is when lets say a school like Elon, HPU, UNCG and NC A&T may like you a lot but somehow you never give them the time of day and for some reason, someone has convinced you that you are better than that and you will play your way into the really high major schools that contend for National titles. One might want to really think through that. Remember 400 student athletes transferred this past season. Do you really think that you are the only one that they are recruiting? If so, just aked them where do you fall in their line of prospective student athletes. Many times a school may really want someone else but for some reason or another the student athlete has not commited to them yet. Some will experience that the school that was recruiting them has fired the coach and now the new coach that maybe the prospective student- athlete had communication with at a smaller school is now the Head Coach at a major school no longer have an interest in that prospective student athlete that never gave them the time of day such as not responding to emails or phone calls. In some instances playing for a D2,D3 or JUCO may be the best route for some. Keep in mind that there is a big difference as far as money goes in how scholarships are awarded at those levels. In a prospective student athlete choice of college, maturity plays an important part as well. Some student athlete may need to stay closer to home so that mom and dad could be close by at moments notice. Some may want to play further away and welcome the challenge to experience a broader horizon of things and learn to have a greater since of independence. College basketball and its regiment is much different from highschool. If a prospective student athlete has been spoiled and is used to having their way, it could cause problems when they step on campus. If you are already done with highschool basketball and just concluded your senior year, there is a chance that maybe either D2,D3 or JUCO may be contacting you. Now and then a D1 scholarship could become available for some reason or another but its not good to pin hopes on that at this stage, eventhough it could happen. School is out come June. Have you solidified where you will be attending school whether you are playing basketball or not? The moment of truth is now.


  1. Awesome article!!!!!! People need to wake up and listen. Everyone is not a D1 player, and its fine to play D2, D3, or Juco, they all get you a degree. Put your pride away and go to school, play ball, and enjoy life.

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