Some of the good die old:Pat Summerall gone at age 82

Smooth announcer for CBS on the NFL games, working late in his career with John Madden and he also did golf and other sports for CBS….Again, very smooth and with a bit of a Texas-drawl and I still remember seeing box scores from my early days of reading the Monday morning newspapers with the Giants’ games and seeing in the box scores after the NY Giants touchdowns, Summerall kick….Summerall kick, that is all you have to remember….That he was a pro football kicker and then he made the successful transition to TV sports announcer….He was a real good and smooth….Worked several years doing play-by-play and commentary along side former Giants teammate, Frank Gifford……Read more below, but another good one is gone…..Pat Summerall, RIP…..And he had his battles with alcohol over the years and he beat that too….I remember reading one time where he was on a plane flight and he started bleeding cause his liver was tore up and he had to get off of that plane and get some help and he did…..Good man and a good job over the years and we will surely miss Pat Summerall……Read more below….


Pat Summerall, who enjoyed a 10-year NFL career as a kicker and then had a broadcasting career which lasted more than four decades, has passed away at the age of 82.

The Dallas Morning News first reported the news on Tuesday afternoon, while the New York Times cited a family spokesperson saying that Summerall died from cardiac arrest during a hospital stay for a broken hip.

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