Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tournament Scores Tonight:Classic in Kernersville tonight with NWG 1-0 over SWG/Eastern Alamance Eagles Mid-State 3-A Champs

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PAC 6 2-A Championship Game:Randleman 7, Trinity 4

*****We are now hearing Southern Alamance 10, Page 1 and Southern Alamance would play SEG in the final on Monday night at Southeast Guilford High School.*****
+++++I remember a few years back when Southeast Guilford played TC Roberson on a Saturday night at SEG, but that was in the playoffs…..+++++

Mid-State 3-A Championship Game
Eastern Alamance 7
Eastern Guilford 2

WP:Zack Littell(2 Runs/3 hits/9 K’s/4 BB’s)
LP:Marque Johnson
EG hitting:Ryan Hackett 2-2/RBI…Caleb Robinson 1-3/Run
Eastern Alamance hitting:Blake Walters 2-3/1 Run/RBI….Zack Littell 2-4/1 Run…

Piedmont Triad 4-A Semifinals
Glenn – 4
High Point Central – 1

WP:Ryan Woods/LP:Trevor Gay

Glenn 000 202 0 – 4
HPC 000 001 0 – 1

*****We hear there is talk that they may play the NWG-Glenn Title Game on Saturday, due to the threat of rain on Monday….We’ll keep an ear to the ground.*****
Northwest Guilford – 1
Southwest Guilford – 0

WP:Adam Swim
LP:Zack Saylor


Game-winning RBI from NWG’s Colson Everett scores Greyson Evans in the bottom of the sixth inning and the Vikings ride Adam Swim’s arm right on all the way through 7 innings, to the victory….Zack Saylor was equally impressive for the SWG Cowboys…Just an outstanding game from both of these teams tonight….A true ‘PTC Classic’ and one of the best games that I have see all season…..

Congrats to both the Cowboys and to the Vikings on a great ball game…Time of Game must have right at 1 hour and 20 minutes max….#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #6 Glenn for the PTC Tournament Title on Monday night at East Forsyth….

One thing I will say is that the wind was cold and brutal tonight….Mighty chilly out there in center field on the other side of the fence, where I was standing and in my fixed media position….Was able to get in and visit the restroom facilities between games and then back to my spot…Me and Greg Johnson and others used to stand out there and watch a lot of games back in the day…Speaking of Greg, found out his son Will was out of the High Point Central lineup tonight with a high ankle sprain….Missed seeing Will out there for the Bison….Just a great game in game two tonight…Game one with Central and Glenn had too many wild pitches and passed balls that let at least three runs come in….Central has to tighten it up, before the playoffs get under way….

Very good stuff from Northwest Guilford and Southwest Guilford at East Forsyth tonight and you know I like to drop a lot of names in here, good to see Matt Orth(SWG) and his family at the game this evening……You get to see a lot of people when you are standing out there by the road and it is a good spot, looking back in from center, toward the action….

Adame Swim with one of the top performances of the season from our area tonight and Devin Sweet(Southeast Guilford), has a few of the top performances under his belt too this year….

Let me lay one more on you….And I was thinking about this tonight, I would just love to see a game with Southeast Guilford vs. Northwest Guilford this season, and it would have to come sometime in the playoffs and it did a couple of years back and I think we had a Keaton Haack vs. Josh Tobias matchup and it was at Southeast in the playoffs…Might be a stretch this year, but would still love to see these two(NWG-SEG) go at it….

Back to more on the games after our extended wrap-up….


  1. With the understanding that there is always another side of every story, can anyone from Northwest Guilford provide a logical reason why your AD and head coach are reluctant to move the PTC tourney final to tomorrow to insure the game is played. With the weather forecast for Monday & Tuesday, why not play the game tomorrow?

  2. Does anyone know how the wild card is determined by the nchsaa? I have read on their website but can’t where it says how it is determined.

  3. Cat, maybe it is not convenient for them. Maybe someone has other plans. Maybe someone needs rest. May help you. You could bring Striplin back. Good pitcher.

  4. Nw has players taking ap exam tomorrow . Also kids taking SAT. Also nw prom tomorrow night

  5. There hasn’t been a word said about WCD winning
    Regular season and conference tourney. Or the players
    Who made that happen. If Caldwell won again would it be
    The same??? Honest ?

  6. EA appears to be riding Littell into the ground, 14 innings pitched in 72 hours…. criminal for a guy about to be drafted…

  7. I’m an EF parent and I’m surprised at many of the excuses I’m hearing on this post. I thought Glenn played a very good game and got excellent pitching from their starter. Our score book had it 5 1/3 with 2 hits and 1 er. Their closer did a good job as well. I know this is a Greensboro blog, but you need to give credit where credit is due.

  8. Gonna hit the off switch on the comments for the overnight and we will put it back on in the morning….

    Lots of comments for just 4 games played tonight….

    Lots of passion for the teams, players and the games, but we need to be careful and not get out of hand….

    Let’s love the moment for the moment and then be able to move on….

    I still think the focus should be on the NWG-SWG game and just how well-played and good that game really was….Celebrate that great game if you are a Viking or a Cowboy…..Lots to be proud of….

    Glenn very good job tonight and your guys have been on a run/tear that has caught several teams off-guard….

    Good job Glenn and that should make for a very good final on Monday and SEG-Southern Alamance should be another ‘Instant Classic’ too….

    Zack Littell will be All-State, there can be no doubting that…..He may be the top pitcher in the entire Triad region of our state and he is for sure one of the Top Players in the entire state….

    Good night to all, sleep on this one as we get set to come back tomorrow…..

    Thanks to players for those good games this week….

    Lots of ‘Instant Classics’ this week….

  9. Regarding WCD…. There is probably no reporting of WCD info because no one – like you- is posting it here.

    Regarding the Glenn/HPC game… It was simply stated that three runs scored on passed balls/wild pitches, which is true. He wasnt calling out anyone specifically. I don’t think it was meant as a detailed analysis. Plenty of mistakes by the entire Central team, injuries, lack of hitting and players not playing – coaches decision cost the team.

  10. Need to keep the comments in order and respect the players, coaches, families and schools….

    If not then they all come tumbling down and I will even remove my own comments if necessary….

    Let’s all have a good day and enjoy the game you play….


  11. Metro 4A Conference final is Southern Alamance and Southeast Guilford. They split during the regular season. Each team had only one conference loss. This game should be a great one.

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