Right Touch Flooring High School Baseball/Softball Polls

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Guilford County Public School Baseball
1)Southeast Guilford(19-3)
2)Northwest Guilford(19-6)
3)High Point Central(17-8)
4)Eastern Guilford(14-11)
5)Northeast Guilford(15-10)…..First playoff game that I have seen listed for sure, with South Rowan(14-8) at NEG this Friday night….
6)Northern Guilford(15-9)
8)Western Guilford(13-12)
10)Southwest Guilford(11-12)

Here is our go on the softball poll:(Girls Public School Softball Poll)
1)Southeast Guilford(21-2)
2)Northwest Guilford(15-5)
3)Northern Guilford(14-10)
4)Southern Guilford(11-9)
6)Southwest Guilford(7-9)
7)High Point Central(7-11-1)
8)Eastern Guilford(7-15)
9)Western Guilford(5-10)

Boys Private School Baseball Poll:
1)High Point Christian Academy(22-4)
3)Westchester Country Day(20-6)
4)Vandalia Christian(15-3)
5)Caldwell Academy(9-7)
6)Greensboro Day School(12-9)

Just Outside the Area:
1)Southern Alamance(23-3)
2)Western Alamance(20-5)/Eastern Alamance(15-9)
4)East Forsyth(13-9)

Randoplh County Roll Call:
5)Providence Grove(15-9)
6)Eastern Randolph(12-8)
7)Southwestern Randolph(4-19)

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2 thoughts on “Right Touch Flooring High School Baseball/Softball Polls”

  1. Interesting stuff, these polls….

    Seen both private school and public school baseball while in Guilford County for past 10 years. Loads of talent and good coaching.

    Any reason why the Private and Public schools are not mixed in the rankings (similar to 2A, 3A and 4A)also like the NEws and Record basketball poll?

    HPCA, and WCA would definitely be in the top 5 and Westchester in top 10 in the area if a total poll was conducted. It is not that important but could provide lots of conversation.

    On a side note…. Greensboro day is better than Vandalia and Caldwell, they play a tougher schedule and have more depth.

    Playoffs for Private Schools will be determined tomorrow. Look for HPCA and Wesleyan to get byes in the first round as they will both be seeded at least a 2, 3, or 4. Then play 2nd round games at home next Tuesday and the winners will advance to private School 3A championship series (semis and finals) on Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18 at Finch Field in Thomasville.

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