May 2013 Womens College Basketball Recruiting Reminders

May 2013 Womens College Basketball Recruiting Reminder
ACT: Test Date – June 8, Regular Registration Deadline – May 3, 2013, Late Registration –
May 4-17, 2013
SAT: Test Date – June 1, Regular Registration Deadline – May 17, 2013

National Letter of Intent Regular Basketball Signing Period: Continues thru (Div. I) May 15, 2013; (Div. II) August 1, 2013

Do You Understand Your Level of Recruitment???
CLICK HERE to read this one and it is a must read for girl’s basketball recruiting….

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  1. Paris Kea(Page) and Akela Maize(Dudley) are the two main ones for 2013/2014…

  2. Imani Watkins is not highly recruited, No disrespect to Imani because she’s a good high school player but how could she be? She plays in a weak 2A conference at Andrews and plays for arguably the weakest AAU team in the area Team Reign. Again I’m not knocking either of those two teams, their coaches are working hard for those kids but realistically speaking they never play anyone good at the high school or national levels. Meanwhile Maize is 6’4″ and plays at perrenial 4A powerhouse Dudley and Kea is 5’9″ and scored 31 in a 4A state championship game. Not to mention they both play AAU for arguably the best AAU team in NC with probalby 6 or 7 other Division1 players. Once again I’m not saying she’s not good or that Andrews and Reign are bad, just saying not good enough to put her on the bigger radar that all of the highly recruited players.

  3. First of all I do not think you should knock schools, conferences or AAU Programs. DO YOU COACH? You contradict yourself by saying the coaches work hard but they are weak. Imani Watkins has at least 5 Division 1 offers already with more to come. What is your definition of highly recruited? Is Paris or Akela one of the top players in the county? That would define highly recruited!!!!!! Any kid that can play and earn a scholarship at any level so they do not have to pay back any money after 4 years should be considered recruited. I think a lot of people get too caught up in Division 1 that they fail to realize at the end of the day a scholarship is a scholarship. There are plenty of kids in this area whose high school coaches have failed them after AAU/Travel Ball coaches have worked hard all summer getting the seen and the high school coaches block the communication of high school players to college coaches. BOTTOM LINE…let’s stop all the bashing of the programs/schools/conferences and remember these are kids and we as adults have to stop being so ignorant. “Answer to “Questions”” all I did was answer a question and your opinion is taking it too far. Have a good day!

  4. I think the article about recruiting could be a little misleading. Just because you are not “highly recruited” as a freshman may not mean anything. Chris Paul was not “highly recruited as a freshman or soph – in fact, UNC only offered him a walk on opportunity for his freshman year but yet he goes to Wake & turns pro within 2 yrs. Tim Duncan had not been seen by hardly any coaches thru his senior year but someone saw him play in what was no more than a “pick up” game and advised Wake to get this guy now. We know how that story played out. The point is that a specific coach may not be in the same gym as you or recognize your potential the first time that they see you play but that does not mean that you are not good enough.

    There is an old saying “just keep living long enough”. I would say “just keep playing enough” and someone will see your ability and how you can help them. Every college cannot get the top 100 players in the country and they will have to adjust down to their 3rd, 4th or 5th options.

  5. It is interesting to me that schools like Wake Forest, State, Clemson and Virginia Tech will recruit and get girls from all of the country but appear to overlook some other players from this region. Yet these schools continue to finish at the bottom of the ACC – by the way, it will get worst with the enterance of ND, Syca, Pitts and some Louisville. There are local and regional players could help these schools that are going away to play out of the area or simply go to schools like Elon or App because they want to play where their families have access to see them play in person.

  6. How is it that high profile boys college teams like Duke, UNC, Wake and State have multiple high profile/good players on their teams but the girls college teams have very few local players that are good. Local ACC teams are too busy searching the country for goods when they may have the answers in their back yards. If women’s basketball had the same pressure to win as the men, then they would give local players more attention – just my opinion. Many of the states best players continue to leave the area to play basketball. Someone please wait up the coaches at Wake Forest, Virginia Teach and the new coach at State. Are you telling me that NC only produces high level men’s basketball and not women’s? The players are here but something is missing in the process or the connection with specific coaching programs.

  7. Be sure to read with understanding your real level of recruitment. I believe that it is outlined in the article.

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