Region 5 Roster for this year’s State Games of North Carolina(Baseball)

Here the local kids that make up our Region 5 area, for the 2013 State Games of North Carolina…

Michael Bates – West Forsyth
Zack Burke – Chatham Central
Hansen Butler – High Point Central
Zack Canada – Southeast Guilford
Jacob Craver – West Stokes
Brock Deatherage – Western Alamance
Alex Durham – Southern Alamance
Trevor Gay – High Point Central
Levi Gesell – High Point Christian
Matt Horkey – Ragsdale
Adam Kirkman – Westchester
Conner Leonard – Reagan
Hank Niblock – Mt. Tabor
Brandon Riley – Burlington Williams
Caleb Robinson – Eastern Guilford
Donnie Sellers – Westchester
Tripp Shelton – West Forsyth
Mason Striplin – Glenn
Devin Sweet – Southeast Guilford
Jacob Washer – West Stokes

7 thoughts on “Region 5 Roster for this year’s State Games of North Carolina(Baseball)

  1. Not many local kids on this roster really at all. No kids from NW Guilford, SW Guilford, NE Guilford. It seems like there was some politics involved in this and not talent. Heck why wouldn’t the SW Guilford Coach who is an assistant for the State Games not have any of kids on the team…..Scratching Head.

  2. Mr. Scratcher, it’s not about politics.
    Every year many players are not chosen who are talented and deserving. One could easily take 20 kids who were “let go” and beat the 20 who were chosen. Simply, Region 5 is “talent rich.” The coaches have tryouts, observe, see some players in live competition in-season, observe more, and then choose a team. The whole process can be labeled imperfect, but so could the major league draft. It’s guys giving of their time and doing the best they can to make the most informed choices they can in moments. It’s also about putting together “pieces.” Maybe watch the movie “Miracle” about the 1980 US Hockey Team for better understanding of that concept… but try not to call out coaches or disparage/question those who made it by reducing it to “politics,” thereby de-legitimizing the accomplishment of those who were chosen.

    Finally, the fact that you would even suggest a coach should have players on the team just because he is an assistant, well would that not be the definition of “political?” I respect the fact that no coach on staff just assumes that he will get a player because of his (the coach’s) position. That proves their integrity.

    Now… see if you can pat your belly while you scratch your head – always comical. Then try switching it up by patting your head while scratching your belly. Hours of fun!

    Coach Fowler

  3. I agree with coach Fowler,most of these kids I have known for years and looks like a good squad. Everyone on the list deserves to be on the State Games team without a doubt. The only problem I have is that players were required to make at least 2 of the 3 try-outs. I understand that this year they only had two due to weather issues and holidays. Some of these kids on the list did not meet the minimum requirement.

  4. Noticed the HC from WS Reynolds who is an assitant on the state games staff son did not make the team. If it was political I would think he would’ve made it. JMO.

  5. I felt my son should have made it at least one of the years’ that he tried out (Guess What so did every other dad whose kid did not make it), however, the process is the process and such is life… you don’t always get what you want or think you should have.

    THIS IS NOT the only avenue to get your child noticed by college scouts!

    And the person is right, this area is very talent rich and it is very difficult to choose players and perceived as “fair and Objective”

    My advice, spend your time to find another avenue for your child to showcase his talents as there are many.

    Finally, I am appalled at the comment regarding Coach Holmes at SW Guilford…. you must not know anything about local baseball! he is one of the most upstanding coaches and mentors in the area. He has been involved in this process for many years and very few of his players make this team and he has had some really good players!

  6. I know it is too late this yr but how do you get info on where and when to try out for the team? You can email me with info if anyone knows. George my email is thanks in advance. Also where can i find info on when these games will take place this yr. i would love to watch some games.

  7. George, just google NC Baseball State Games and follow the links to the 2013 schedule. Games will be played at UNC Charlotte on 6/20, 6/21, 6/22 & 6/23. There are two games played at Hopewell High School on 6/23. You can also register at this same site around next March for next years tryouts.

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