‘Fats’ Thomas says he does not ‘know’ P.J. Hairston and he did not provide him with improper benefits:The Answer for P.J., Tell the Truth, just Tell the Truth

*****This just came down on Wednesday afternoon….There will be no additional charges against PP.J. Hairston….No gun charges etc. from the Durham Police Department and you can CLICK HERE to see all of this new news and this should be considered good news in most corners…*****

Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas, the man from Durham, who rented the vehicles that P,JJ Hairston was driving when he was pulled over for seeding and when he was also stopped while driving without a license and possessing pot, plus a 9mm handgun, well ‘Fats’ Thomas is saying he doesn’t even know P.J. Hairston and did not provide imporper benefits for Hairston….

CLICK HERE to read all on this new piece of the puzzle, from WRALSportsFan.com…..

There are a whole lot of gray areas here, but the key for P.J. Hairston(Dudley High School/Hargrave Military/UNC) is to tell the truth…Tell the truth when you talk to UNC and Coach Roy Williams, tell the truth when you talk to all of the authorities, tell the truth when you talk to your lawyers, the TV and newspaper people, the NCAA if they request a meeting with Hairston….Tell the truth about all of this….

The mess is big enough already without casting more doubt about wheat really happened in his relations with ‘Fats’ Thomas….

Just tell the truth from this point forward and you will be better for it,when the end results are in…..

Again, I heard this advice coming from more that one source today, ‘Stand up and Tell the Truth’ and that will be the beginning of your road to recovery from all the mess you seem to be in at this current time…..

‘Tell the Turth’, to the right people, at the right time, when the situation presents itself….


  1. the truth will set you free-if anybody thinks pj will not be playing for roy next year they are in a dream world-roy is waiting for all this to blow over and the next scandal to hit-if he tries to get around this he may wind up like the football program at unc in the toilet waiting for someone to flush it all away

  2. P.J. will not be back in the ACC again EVER! His days at UNC are done. He can tell the truth all he wants, he is finished with college baskeball. His only chance now is to go to the NBDL next year and hit the NBA after that.

    He has been working with Fats Thomas. Now he needs to sign wiih JAYZEE !

  3. I think Hariston can and still will play college basektball, but not at North Carolina again. Roy Williams will not stand by and have his team and his university embarrassed in this manner. If PJ gets his stuff together, the young man can still find success.

    I feel his days in Chapel Hill are over. It is sad, but he will need to buy a ticket to attend any future Tar Heel games.

    After all of the mess that he has gotten himself into, it doesn’t help matters that photos have now surfaced of him drinking beer at the beach over the recent holiday. Details of this were coming out of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh today and it was not a pretty picture. It was heavy drinking.

    And after all of the other mess that already happened. When will they learn?

    For P.J. Hairston his days in Chapel Hill are numbered and that might be a good thing for him.

    He just could not handle the bright spotlight and fame that comes with being a talented college basketball player on the national level.

    Hate it for Hairston, but you make your bed and you have to lay in it.

    The party is over, but for too many of our young athletes, they just can’t see the exit door.

  4. from Joe Ovies today at WRALSportsFan.com

    P.J. Hairston has been ticketed for speeding in a car that wasn’t his, drove without a license in another vehicle that wasn’t his and was cited for possession of marijuana. He doesn’t necessarily have a direct relationship with a known felon, but he’s certainly friends with a guy who does “odd jobs” for said felon. Then Hairston couldn’t keep a low profile and was photographed shotgunning beers at the beach over a holiday weekend.

    So I’d say “mistakes in judgment” have already occurred for Hairston, and Roy Williams has enough to discipline his player as he sees fit.

    The only question is whether or not the NCAA has any interest in adding to it.

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