Got to watch out for those parking tickets:P.J. Hairston(UNC) got a dozen of them

Got to watch out for those traffic tickets…P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave/UNC) got a dozen of them while driving that rental car and once you a few that really start to add up…..P.J. was in town last weekend for the basketball event at Northwest Guilford High School(Charity Game for Jaiden and Melissa Britt) and nothing but good reports coming out of that visit and all positives coming from his stop at NWG, but you still have to watch out for those traffic stops and the parking tickets too…..

Read about the parking tickets when you CLICK HERE….


  1. The parking tickets are not the problem. After all, they have people at unc that pay those for the kids…..see earlier situation where tutor paid for tickets for football players. The problem is it shows he was driving a rental car from a booster for at least 2 months, slightly longer than the 2 days originally claimed.

  2. the rental car is going to be the issue for ncaa-how many of the players were driving them besides pj? for how long? i find it hard to believe that roy or one of the coaches didnt notice that pj was driving a different car every week-maybe they thought he had a rich uncle

  3. By the time the season starts,it will be proven that PJ and several other UNC players used rental cars provided by Haydn Thomas on multiple occasions.

  4. PJ has great local supporters. I was at the charity basketball game and when PJ walked in the gym erupted in cheers. He was still there taking photos with the fans well after they turned the lights out in the gym.

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