15 minutes at 15 schools in 15 days:Day Eleven at Northern Guilford High School

Talked this morning with Northern Guilford head football coach Brian Thomas and he said they saw some good things in last night’s scrimmage versus Marlboro County, South Carolina and there were also several things that they(the Nighthawks) had to work on, in practice this morning….Having to work on a few bugaboos that can slow down your preseason progress and as for practice, the Nighthawks were working from 8-10:30 this morning and their regular practice time has been 5-8pm….

Coach Thomas is from South Carolina, but he has been up here at Northern for the past several years and he has been the main orchestrator of the Northern Guilford Nighthawk defense and that defense has been known for being very quick to ball and for their ‘team tackling’ over the past three seasons, during their run to the three straight NCHSAA 3-AA football titles….

NG lost a load of players off of last year’s team, but as Coach Thomas puts it, “the cupboard is not bare”…..TJ Ruff and Chris Ripberger return to help give body and soul to the defense and on offense, quarterback Austin Coltrane will provide much-necessary senior leadership and Coach Thomas expects Coltrane to step up and take over this team and work to help them in their quest for another title….Bright spot for Coltrane was the three TD passes, in the Tuesday night scrimmage, at Northern…

Players to watch for along with the leaders we have mentioned already in Ruff, Ripberger(will lead on defense and offense and he is the type of player that will do anything you ask of him according to Coach Thomas), Coltrane, and the others to look out for include Max Klietch(OL), Robert Wilcox(LB), Cam Harris(WR/DB), Mook Reynolds(WR/DB) and sophomore RB C.J. Freeman….

Total number of players in the Nighthawks’ camp is in the low 70’s, as of today and they hope to add some more 9th graders as the school year gets going….

The first game for Northern will be on August 30 at the Page Pirates and the teams to beat this season in the Mid-State 3-A Conference will be Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance and Burlington Williams….

The Nighthawks will be in a scrimmage this Friday night at Kings Mountain and they will be going up against the Crest Chargers…..

Will hope to get video to follow….


  1. “Cheatz”, do you have any facts to back up that accusation or were you just not able to find anything else negative to say?

  2. Let’s try and get past ‘the past’ and get on with 2013…Northern did have players in dance class and they did have players come there from other schools….Only the county knows all of the deatails, but we have 2013 to work on and Northern is working toward having a good season…

    Northwest Guilford played on even terms with NG at the Pinecrest Jamboree and that ought to be a great game come regular season at NG….We know the Scott kid from NWG can run it and Harding has looked very good in preseason too…NG has Freeman and he is running hard, plus they have the passing of Coltrane…Again, ought to be a great game….

    Northern at Page will another classic-type game in the makings…The last loss by NG came at the hands of Page in game one of 2011, if I am not mistaken and the game at Page with NG and the Pirates, should be one heck of a ballgame….Lots of talent on both sides of the ball….Gonna be some good early-season tests for NG and they play Crest in a scrimmage at Kings Mountain on Friday night….

    Plenty of good things football going on this year that we can talk about….Game time will be prime time and up the games, let’s get with it and focus on the here and now football talk….Plenty of positives that we can hit on….

  3. Facts???? Every year there is a different kid on the Nighthawks team that should be playing somewhere else within the county and sometimes outside of the County.

    There are a couple kids right now that are the stars of this team that should be at Dudley and NE. I won’t throw any names out there cause they are minors but you know who they are…..Its a shame that our County has no back bone! If they did you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find out where these kids are from and what classes they are taking to get enrolled at Northern.

  4. Someone from Dudley pointing out how another school gets kids into their program by taking special classes is such a pile of CRAP!!! ACADEMY?????

  5. Well…. if this dude is referring to my child, he knows not of what he speaks. Northern checked us out totally before we could even take the field and if you like you can stop by the house and have a drink if you’re bringing the drinks…lol. I LOVE the Northern Coaches and Community!!!

  6. Happens every time….Can’t have a good run without the crowd going overboard and then it gets crazy….

    Might want to get together and discuss this one in more detail at the County Office…

    Have to delete what could get you and us in trouble….

    We all travel the county and we have to these roads and see the schools, the coaches, the players and the AD’s all together and I for one, want to see them on good terms…

    I give you guys a chance to get some of this off of your chest and then you the let the dog start wagging his tail….

    Let’s talk about football details and not family matters and who’s doing who….

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