First Top Ten High School Football Poll of the new season

Here is how it looks for the first week of the season….Send in your Top Ten and we can begin to compare polls…..Who is your #1 team and how do you round out your Top Ten???

Top Ten for this week and we will have the picks on the games coming up on here tomorrow morning….

2)TIE:Page/Northern Guilford
4)Southeast Guilford
5)High Point Central
6)High Point Andrews
7)Northwest Guilford
8)Southern Guilford


  1. High point Andrews may be very talented this year… But has anyone ever looked at the conference they play in? Ridiculous for their talent level, we will see how well they will play 4a schools like central this Friday.

  2. I doubt there are 4 teams in Guilford County that will be better than HP Central in the 2013 season.

    Northern should probably be 1st just on the previous season followed by HPC 2nd.

    Of course polls are fun and meant for banter and conversation and so here’s a serious question..

    I know Page has talent and all that but they couldn’t get the job done last year on the field against the Bison, so what superstars were they hiding in the cupboard that’s gonna get them over the top this season when HPC is returning nearly their entire team?

  3. As a Dudley panther fan I’m glad to see the panthers @ #1 . However, I think Northern Guilford has earned the #1 spot. Until someone knocks them off. N. Guilford had enough returning talent to make another great run. I was impressed by their scrimmages.

  4. None because we played a real team like Mt. Tabor who got hot at the end of the year.

    Too bad we didn’t get to play the mighty Rocky River. Page couldn’t have scored 40 points on the Bison last year if they played 3 times and added up all the scores.

    It should be a great game but you’re going to need a lil more than 14 points to keep it close this year Page. Because HPC’s offense is high powered, and that’s something these state prognosticators have failed to take into account but will find out shortly.

  5. This poll is horrible….Sorry Andy you missed on this one!

    3.HP Central

  6. page is ranked to high and over rated this year
    1.northern(until knocked off)

  7. hard to say without seeing how the first week goes.

    But the one “pick” I will make is Grimsley 6 or 7.

  8. Got to love the 1st week of the season! Everyone thinks their team is bringing home the ring! Good luck to all the players, coaches, and fans!

  9. BisonPride,

    Lets not pretend HPC just handled Page last year. HPC won in OT. Also, to answer your question concerning players they have returning, well, lets start and end with Featherstone. When he is in your backfield all night (and I will guarantee that he will be), then you’ll wish you had put some duct tape over that mouth of yours. He was missing the first 6 games of the season to a leg injury. But you’ll see soon how he could have helped Page last year, not to mention Page also was missing 3 other defensive starters (Grant Brewer and Connor Stanley – both were all conference players). I will give credit to HPC defense though. They were good and will be extremely good this year; however, I sure hope you have someone nice replacing that QB of yours. I surely didn’t see anything in the ole cupboard to convince me otherwise. Will be hard to throw every down like you guys did last year without the same QB, so hopefully that running game has improved.

    All you people say the same thing every year. Page is overrated blah blah blah…hahaha…Every year they prove you guys wrong. They started slow last year after losing 16 starters from a state championship team, and with the experience factor and a lot of injuries at the beginning of the year, it took a while for Page to find their way. Page graduated a ship load of players this year as well and will be playing lots of juniors and sophomores. So, you guys may actually get it right this year. If you guys are right this year, then you better get your punches in now, because they are going to be REAL strong for the next 3 years for sure, because I know what is in the cupboard.

    Anyways, good luck to all the teams this year. It will be nice for another Guilford County team to bring home some hardware. IMO, the team I think closest to this possibility this year will be Dudley. If they can find an offense and quit running the same stuff over and over and over again, then they could bring that hardware home. Their defense will keep them in games for sure. Side note: I dont understand why kids who play offense would want to go to Dudley. They find a running QB and just run him over and over and over again. Page, Ragsdale, and NG run the more complex offenses in the county and are way more friendly for all offensive players. So, if you kids are happy watching the QB get 30 carries a game, and the receivers stalk blocking all night then so be it. Looks more like I would try finding an apartment in the Page, NG, or Ragsdale district if I was an offensive player. (Jus Saying)

  10. @Pirtate Pride

    Page is overrated this year as is Featherstone. Their first 6 games are brutal. Dudley has the best team in the Metro. Grimsley looks good also.

    BTW-Im a pirate.

  11. my 2 abes,

    You make me laugh. Featherstone, overrated??? Dude, I will bet you my savings that he ain’t overrated and every team will run away from him. Hopefully, you will be smart enough to observe this happening. When he is in the game, he is a game changer. Ask Dudley about him last year. All the college coaches were there last year to see Chris Register but left that game calling Coach G asking about Featherstone…hahaha…He is a monster and provided he stays healthy you’ll see what I am talking about. He is a little injury prone, but he is definitely not over rated. But good try though.

    Page is young, so you may end up being right. But I stand by my words in the previous post.

  12. The only player on defense that Page talks about is Featherstone. I have seen him play 6 times now and he’s not as dominate as you Page fans make him out to be. Yes he is a good DE but he’s not Jadeveon Clowney!

  13. Pirate Pride, are you trying to recruit for Page and Northern? Saying Dudley only runs the ball with one player so kids should move to Page or Northern if they want to get the ball and get noticed????? It’s fans like you that give Page and Northern a bad name. How bout the kids stay where they are and try to build a championship team the old fashion way! By hard work and buying into the concept of Team 1st! SMH

  14. Pirate Pride,

    I’m sure Featherston is a great player, does he play offense as well, because page struggled mightily against that bison defense last year.

    As far as the Qb position we should be fine in that departmet. The Qb who is starting tonight should handle the pressure well, many people feel that he was the best Qb on HPC’s roster LAST season. He was only a sophomore though, so I don’t blame the coaching staff for going with the experience.

    Page and HPC should be a heck of a game, like Page HPC is young, was very young last season and beat all those kids you guys just graudated.. So the future should be bright for both squads definitely look forward to that matchup this year!!

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