Looking at the picks for the Friday night HS Football Games

Here are the Simmons Picks/Ratings that someone sent in to us this morning and it looks like he has a pretty good system for making his selections….We will have ours up here in the morning, but here is what Mr. Simmons has for this week today and you can look at all of his picks(statewide) when you CLICK HERE….

Here’s what the Simmons Ratings are saying about our area teams….

Southeast Guilford by 28 points over Northern Durham
Dudley by 25 points over WS Carver
Northwest Guilford by 24 over Smith
Rockingham County by 22 points over Southwest Guilford
Western Guilford by 17 over Morehead
Southern Guilford by 11 over Eastern Guilford
Grimsley by 10 over Ragsdale
Page by 8 over Davie County
High Ppint Andrews by 6 over High Point Central


  1. I saw Rockingham and SW scrimmage last week. Don’t see Rockingham winning that one. I also saw Grimsley and they looked much improved.

  2. When I clicked on the link for the Statewide picks, it shows Grimsley by 10 over Ragsdale, not the other way around.

  3. The Andrew/HPC game is a toss up. I challange HP officials to play this game in the future in October. Would be the biggest game in the state.

  4. We switched that one…We had it wrong on first post and switch has been made….Thanks for the note….Lots of names and numbers as all of this unfolds…Thanks again…

  5. Agree HPC/HPA would be a much bigger game later in the season! Here are some of the games this year I’m looking forward to. By no means am I saying these are the top games….Just some I’m looking forward to from here in Greensboro and around the state.

    NW Guilford/Northern Guilford
    AL Brown/Concord
    Page/East Forsyth
    NW Guilford/HP Central
    Mallard Creek/Dillon S.C.
    North Davidson/Mt Tabor
    Charlotte Catholic/Mallard Creek
    SE Guilford/Dudley
    NW Guilford/Reidsville
    Ragsdale/HP Central
    Rocky River/Indy
    Richmond/Myrtle Beach
    Butler/Mt Tabor
    East Forsyth/NW Guilford
    SW Guilford/Ragsdale
    SE Guilford/Page

  6. SW Guilford looks much improved this year I see them winning by 14. I also see Andrews beating Central by 21

  7. If Andrews wins there is no way they win by 21….They will be lucky to score 14 points against the Central Defense

  8. Grimsley a ten point favorite over ragsdale is unbelievable how many games did they win last year?

  9. Southeast Guilford over Northern Durham
    Dudleyover WS Carver
    Northwest Guilford over Smith
    SW Guilford over RC
    Western Guilford over Morehead
    Southern Guilford over Eastern Guilford
    Ragsdale over Grimsley
    Page over Davie County
    Central over Andrews

  10. NW has something to prove this year .They looked good at Mt.Tabor last week.especially offensively …..great line,awesome backs and a double threat at qb….Josh Hummel and Nick Powell….they probably will put up at least 35 vs Smith……eyeing that Peidmont 4A championship they have come so close to the last 3 years…..

  11. Last year is not this year. Grimsley was better last year than the year before. Don’t forget that they beat SEG last year but again that doesn’t mean anything this year.

    I agree with your picks Andy but HPC over HPA

  12. To GFan,
    These were not Andy’s picks but Simmons picks based on ratings. Andy, how bout your picks?

  13. Joe,
    you do know that NWG won a share of that Piedmont 4A in 2010, and 2011. They also came up about 2 touchdowns short of getting another share of it last season.

  14. Upset of the night will be Morehead over WG…… Panthers want be an easy W this year for teams. That middle school team from 2 years ago are sophomores and they are maturing daily and they flat out hate to lose.

  15. @Ned – Morehead may not be an easy W but I believe Western still beats them. Heck from all reports, Southwest thumped them pretty good at the Jamboree last Friday. I believe people were reporting that score as 42-14? I can’t see Morehead challenging Western.

  16. Unreal you were right. Grimsley being a 10pt favorite was wrong. It should have been 13!!!!

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