New State-Wide High School Football Polls with local teams and how they stand

Northern Guilford and High Point Andrews hanging in there in the 3-A and 2-A polls among our Guilford County teams and Page got some votes, but not seeing much on Dudley yet and wondering why the Panthers can’t buy some time/space/a spot in the polls…..Dudley and High Point Central did catch some votes in one of the polls, along with Page, so maybe the Panthers are on the rise, along with Page and Central…..We shall see…..

Check them out for yourself when you,

CLICK HERE for the new Carolina poll…..

CLICK HERE for the poll…..

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  1. Since said person does not want you naming names…..So why did GCS say a Northern player ” ” couldnt play this Friday for Northern? Did he transfer to Northern without moving? Sounds like the new transfer rule has caught up with Northern. Sad if they talked another kid into transferring to their district and going to miss a season of Football.

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